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The ‘Constitution-Free Zone’

October 23, 2008 By: Kvatch Category: Government, Privacy, Rights 8 Comments →

“What,” you might ask, “…is the Constitution-free Zone?” Well, it’s the zone within 100 miles of the US border where DHS asserts they can pretty much do whatever-the-f*ck they want. And guess what, almost 200M US citizens live in this zone.

The Constitution-Free Zone

Don’t like it? Too bad. Them’s the rules, b’tches! And who made up the rules? DHS, of course!

The headline I was really hoping not to see

August 10, 2008 By: Frogette Category: Politics, Privacy, Protest 7 Comments →

Elizabeth Edwards Stands by Her Man reported today that John Edwards wife has come out in support of her man. That’s right, she’s standing by the man who cheated on her while she was being treated for terminal cancer. I am so sick of this Tammy Wynette bullshit of supporting a man who publicly cheated on your ass and humiliates you, your children, family and friends. Elizabeth Edwards should cut him loose and concentrate on herself. Her health, and her happiness for whatever time she has left. I can’t believe that the final act in a marriage predicated on her constant support of his goals ends in such a blatant betrayal. She must be absolutely devastated. My wish was that she would refrain from making a public comment of any kind. Keeping her own counsel and not exposing herself and her family to more scrutiny. She deserves her privacy. She never asked for this. I just can’t imagine what caused her husband to do something so craven and low.

Kvatch Kvetches – The Aussies Are Coming…

March 06, 2008 By: Kvatch Category: Government, Privacy, Rights 11 Comments →

Kvatch… a trio of tasty security and privacy tidbits. Surprise, surprise!

The FBI Abuses National Security Letters…
…to the tune of thousands per year. And what do they do with these things? Grab your banking records, your telephone records, credit reports, Internet traffic stats, etc…

The United States Postal Service Records To Whom You Write
…practically whenever they’re asked to (99.5%), without a warrant, and in some cases—those involving national security—illegally opens your first class mail simply because the Bush administration asserts that they can.

And the Aussies Want Access To Your Computer…
…anywhere in the world. In fact, new police powers approved by the Cabinet of New South Wales, allow warrantless access to any computer networked to a machine seized as part of an investigation. Conveniently glossed over is the fact that this is tantamount to all computers…everywhere.

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