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It’s a debate for media whores

So Donald Trump, business man, reality television star and former Republican primary candidate is hosting a political debate.  I’ve been watching this story with interest and mild amusement.  I wonder,  “what qualifies him to host a debate?”  Doesn’t the fact that he himself was a potential candidate for president seem like a conflict of interest?  Is it that he’s such a big star?  Um, rating on The Apprentice have been trending down for years now.

I honestly don’t know who is going to be at this debate.  Romney, Paul and Huntsman have all declined.  Gingrich on the other hand went to Trump Tower and held a press conference with “The Donald” to announce his participation.  How far the mighty have fallen.  I’m imagining Newt, Michelle Bachmann, Rick Perry and Trump all in a room competing for the title of biggest media whore.  A circus indeed.

Well, little lady

You just stepped in it.  Big time.  Michelle Bachmann, Republican front runner and the gift that just keeps on giving, compared herself this week to John Wayne. She meant the macho, moralizing Hollywood star.  Unfortunately she said John Wayne of Waterloo, Iowa.  Ummmm…the serial killer?  Nice.  See now if you didn’t spend so much time worrying about Liberal conspiracies Michelle you might have heard of this thing called Google or, wait for it Wikipedia.

All I can say is I’m not voting for you, that’s for sure.

Wife swap – Country edition

In the weirdest news headline of the week country singer Shania Twain announced her engagement to Frederic Thiebaud.  Not that unusual, right?  Until you realize that Mr. Thiebaud is the ex-husband of the woman that Shania’s ex-husband, Mutt Lange, left her for.  Did you follow that?  Shania’s creepy ex cheated on her with Thiebaud’s ex wife Marie-Anne.  Seems Shania and Thiebaud fell into each others arms as their marriages dissolved, and now are blissfully engaged to tie the knot themselves.  I swear if I hadn’t read this on HuffPo I’d think it was a pitch for a new ABC series.  Surreal!  I wonder if the exes are invited to the wedding.