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Syria said it is ready to discuss the departure of President Bashar al-Assad as part of a negotiated settlement to the increasingly ferocious conflict…

—  Agence France-Presse


Sufficient wealth has been transferred off-shore to provide Bashar al-Assad and his family with the lifestyle to which they are entitled after their exile.

Giveaway To ‘Big Insurance’ Passes House

You can sum up the so-called “health bill” that passed the House last night in one sentence:

Mandatory insurance is NOT universal care!

…no matter what that asswipe Obama or the corporate cronies in the Democratic Party say.

This bill is a f*cking disaster.  It’s an enormous giveaway to Aetna, Cigna, and Wellpoint that will do little to improve the health situation for those 25 – 32 million people who’ll be forced to buy private insurance in public exchanges.  Did you see the part of the bill that details the quality of coverage in these ‘plans of last resort’?  No?  Probably because it’s not there!  Likewise, the ability to exclude based on pre-existing conditions isn’t gone.  It’s just been delayed in order to force more people into the exchanges where insurance companies can offer crap coverage with crippling deductibles at high rates.

About the only good thing in this bill are the industry targets for how much of premiums must be spent on actual care.  But that doesn’t go far toward mitigating the reality of this bill:  The party, that at every stage voiced their support for a ‘public option’, did everything in their power to ensure that no such option ever made it into this bill.

Long story short:  Obama, Pelosi, and Reid screwed us and gave the insurance industry more than it could ever have hoped for from the GOP.

Blogs Against Kleptocracy – Pandemic Profits

It’s simple really: If you want to put a whole lot of fat cash into the pockets of drug manufactures, fake a pandemic! And that’s pretty close to exactly what the WHO and CDC did with all the dire warnings about H1N1.

“120 million Americans infected with up to 90,000 dead… ,” was the Obama Administration’s estimate of the impact here in the US. “2 billion infected with hundreds of thousands dead… ,” was the breathless estimate from the WHO. But what was the outcome of this dire world-wide medical emergency? Not even 5000 flu-related deaths in the United States, far less even than in a regular flu season.

What was not the outcome of a ‘regular flu-season’, however, were the stratospheric profits of companies like CSL Limited, GlaxoSmithKline, and Roche—the latter, for example, realizing a whopping 12-fold increase in profits year over year from the second quarter of 2008 through the same period in 2009.

The Council of Europe of reportedly investigating the WHO for allegedly faking the pandemic to bolster the bottom line of drug manufacturers. Do you think we’ll see such an investigation in the United States of Kleptocrats? Don’t bet on it!

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D-D Day, “Democracy is Dead Day”

Two weeks ago I wrote about the upcoming decision in Citizens United vs. Federal Elections Commissions, and how a ruling in that case overturning the lower court, would destroy once and for all the fiction that citizens have any influence in the so-called democratic political system of the United States.

Well the Supreme Court just handed down their decision: 5-4 in favor of overturning the lower court’s ruling. So let me make the situation now absolutely crystalline clear by quoting from my previous post:

…McCain-Feingold will be eviscerated, corporations will be elevated to the status of people once and for all and will be able to dump as much money as they want, into any election they want, in support of whomever they want.

Imagine how politics will be conducted after such a decision. Any politician that deviates from the corporate orthodoxy, even a little, will simply be unseated in his/her next election. Corporations will deploy their limitless resources to ensure that no one…EVER…votes in a way that harms their interest.

From now on the only voice that will speak in US elections will be the voice of money. If you have it—corporations and the very wealthy—you are now infinitely more powerful, more equal, than any single citizen or group of citizens.

Need health care? Want to reform the insurance system? Want to force the government to stop giving public money straight to Wall Street? F*cking forget about it! No politician, from Pelosi to Reid, McCain to Feingold, will dare risk the consequences of opposing corporate interests.

As I said in my previous post: Game over!

Blogs Against Kleptocracy – Game Over

Starting with Bush v. Gore, the Supreme Court signaled that, not only was it willing to issue decisions that were undemocratic and intellectually dishonest, but that the constitutionality of their decisions was no longer a constraining factor.  Now, with a little known case that may get decided in the spring—after two rounds of arguments which is unusual for the high court—the SOTUS will have an opportunity to do in democracy once and for all.

The case is somewhat mundane. A group called Citizens United distributed an attack film on Hillary Clinton during the 2008 election that was quickly slapped down by the Federal Elections Commission as being violation of McCain-Feingold. Citizens United sued and had their case appealed through to a federal court…that sided with the FEC. Now the case is in front of the SOTUS, and if they overturn the appeals court’s decision, McCain-Feingold will be eviscerated, corporations will be elevated to the status of people once and for all and will be able to dump as much money as they want, into any election they want, in support of whomever they want.

Imagine how politics will be conducted after such a decision. Any politician that deviates from the corporate orthodoxy, even a little, will simply be unseated in his/her next election. Corporations will deploy their limitless resources to ensure that no one…EVER…votes in a way that harms their interest.

At that point the United States as a Corporate Kleptocracy will no longer be a de facto standard. It will be enshrined in law.

(Thanks to The Local Crank for turning me on to somethng that, quite frankly, I’d been ignoring.)

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Obama’s Christmas Present: More War

I have to admit something:  Though I was very skeptical that then President-elect Obama would be able to do much to change the kleptocracy that our government has become, his election still filled me with hope. I thought that, at the very least, Obama might return some accountability, some morality, and some sanity to the Executive. Well we’re almost a year in, and it’s apparent that ‘Bush the Sequel’—I can’t even really call him ‘Bush Lite’ because he’s hardly backed off a single Bu$hCo policy—will do nothing of the sort.

Quite the contrary, on each of these three axes—morality, accountability, sanity—we have profound failures just in the last week!  For example, the Obama administration will not roll back 3 egregious parts of the Patriot Act set to expire and the end of the year. In fact, this new ‘Liar in Chief’, who once promised to filibuster these very provisions in a Bu$hCo sponsored bill, has signaled his support for continuing these provisions until 2013.

The Obama administration will not make the US a signatory to the international treaty banning the use of land mines, continuing Bu$hCo policy on the matter and keeping us in the fine company of Russia, China, India, Pakistan, and Myanmar.

And finally, President Spineless’ administration will give you an additional two years of war in Afghanistan as a Christmas present; 2 more years of Defense industry welfare; another $200M dollars down the tube, and the guaranteed certainty that our country’s international reputation will not be any better at the end of his administration than it was when Chimpy retired to Dallas.

No…President Obama is proving that, rather than being a ‘change agent’, he is likely to be a one-term footnote at the end of the Bu$hCo debacle.  Because, unlike the ‘Thuglicans, we Democrats tend to vote charlatans like Obama out of office.

Tax Rates for Parasites – The Solution

Our society is overrun with parasites, blood-suckers who have no thought for anything other than making as much money as possible for themselves (…and maybe for their kids…if the kids are lucky).  It corrupts our government, warps our educational system, and has turned our country into a service economy whose only real industry is one that pushes money around.  We need to change the system and change our perspective on what constitutes a contribution to society.  Here’s how…

  • Every dollar derived from one’s labors that falls above the federal poverty level for a family of four (> $22,050)—salary and bonuses, from waiting tables to managing mutual funds—gets taxed at a flat 30% rate…no god-damned exceptions!
  • Income that falls between 10X and 100X ($220,501 – $2,205,000) of the federal poverty level is taxed at a flat 60% rate.   You make above $220K?  You’ve got more than enough to live on…suck it up!
  • Income that falls above a level 100X (> $2,205,000) of the federal poverty line is taxed at a flat 90% rate.
  • The notion that capital gains are somehow more valuable, by virtue of lower tax rates, than the fruits of one’s labor is absolute, nonsensical BULLSH*T!  So…from here on out, capital gains *ARE* income and get taxed accordingly.  End of story.
  • Deductions are eliminated.  Need a house?  Learn to pay for it!  Took a huge loss on your investments?  Tough!  Charitable contributions?  Good for you!  But you don’t get to deduct them.
  • Corporations don’t get any more breaks!  Is your headquarters in the US?  Then pay your f*cking taxes, and do it at a rate of 45% of every dollar you make…anywhere in the god-damned world!
  • …and no more corporate investment that isn’t directed to growing a business or providing jobs.  You make one single dollar from a non-productive, non-related enterprise (i.e. capital gains), you pay $.90 to Uncle Sam (90%).
  • And finally…we have a word for people who don’t want to work, who don’t want to contribute to society.  We call them bums, and if you want to be a bum then fine, but you don’t get to be bum and live like a king forever on mommy and daddy’s income.  Inter-generational wealth transfers are taxed at 45% up to 100X of the federal poverty level.  Above that, and the rate is 90%.

In addition…

  • Repeal the War Power’s act.  The Constitution already has a fine mechanism for aggressively deploying our military forces.  So no more starting a war and then getting permission afterwords just so we can put our defense contractors on government welfare.
  • Legalize everything and tax it.  From marijuana to meth-amphetamine, cut the rug out from under the illegal trade in controlled substances, close a whole lot of prisons, and make a bundle of cash in the process.
  • And finally… No more contributions to federal political campaigns…PERIOD!  Whether you’re a grandmother from Bayonne or the CEO of Exxon, you don’t get to put a single dime in a politician’s pocket…EVER!  All campaigns are to be financed using federal money at no more than 1/50th of the prevailing level for House and Senate races.

This isn’t some f*cking game.  The debt hole that we’ve dug is one that we’re not likely ever to climb out of, and if we want to fix health-care, fight many simultaneous wars, and pay for the comfy retirement of all of our parents, then we better be prepared to pay for it.  Time for the United States to grow-the-f*ck-up.

You can thank me later for giving you back the week that you spend every god-damned year acting as an accountant for Uncle Sam.

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Tax Rates for Parasites – The Problem

This country is afflicted by parasites.  From the kleptocrats who throw millions in donations to our elected officials, to the officials themselves who indemnify incompetently run corporations, and in doing so destroy, through the creation of unassailable deficits, what little prosperity is left to most citizens.

The corporate CEO, bailed out with billions in tax-payer funded giveaways, bleating pathetically about how he’ll quit if he doesn’t get more money, is a parasite.  The hedge-fund manager stripping hundreds of millions from his clients, and then paying himself in capital gains to avoid taxes…is a parasite.  The pampered teenager who gets a multi-million dollar trust from mommy and daddy, ensuring that she’ll never have to work or contribute in any way to society…is a parasite.  The corporation that moves jobs, facilities, and business offshore, then fraudulently books its transactions as nontaxable foreign receipts…is a parasite.

Unfortunately there’s only one way to fix this nation. We need to act like adults and not greedy children; need to pay for the programs that provide a social safety net and not balance the cost on the backs of our children; need to act like every other westernized democracy, generating the greatest good for the greatest number, not howl about the evils of socialism while our parents suck at the biggest social teat this nation has ever created.   In short, we need to f*cking grow up!   Here’s the solution