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Pixel – A physical point in a raster image, or the smallest addressable element in an all points addressable display device.
— Wikipedia

Oh…and by the way: F*ck you and the Pixel you rode in on!

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So the Frog and I stupidly had to make a trip to the mall today. Yes, the day after Christmas. You see we’re having company this week and we’re still feathering our nest as it were. Needed bedding for our honored guests, so we thought Macy’s! There’s a sale and we’ll get everything 50% off. Well us and 10,000 other humans all apparently had that idea imprinted us on us simultaneously. The lines were insane and parking, well I’ve seen raptors hunt with less intensity than Americans looking for parking. Fortunately we were focused and were in and out like an elite military team. We got what we needed and went out out to lunch. It’s the only way to wind down from the insanity that is the post-holiday Apple Store scrum. And how was your holiday?

The witch hunt starts at Walmart

No I’m not talking about reporting on the guy who jumped the line on Black Friday.  I’m talking about the announcement this week that Walmart would join with DHS to launch the “See something, say something” campaign aimed at stopping terror in your local discount store.  Apparently terrorists have moved on from airports into your local shopping mega-plex.  I guess the enemies of America also need $1 ketchup, cheap DVDs and socks.  That or they’re trying to score that illusory iPad deal we all keep hearing about.

Fall into the Gap, get carded

So the Frog and I went to Gap today to purchase some stuff.  It was a mission given that the mall was literally filled with shoppers.  We got in, found what we needed and jumped in the check out line.  I handed the sales guy my handy dandy credit card and thought we’d be out in a flash.  Then the trouble began.  “I need your drivers license.”  Um, what?  I’ve had that card, your card, for a decade and you’ve never once asked me for i.d.  I simply said, nope thinking that would be the end of it.  He’d finish my sale and we’d be off.  But, no…he can’t finish the transaction.  So I politely ask him to call the manager over.  I explain to her that I don’t give out my license because of identity theft, and she tartly informs me that “it’s their policy” and they won’t finish the sale.  Needless to say at that point we just threw up our hands and walked out.  I can’t believe that a store like the Gap has the guts to get into a pissing match with me over my i.d.  I mean they seriously e-mail me daily with discounts and pleas to spend money.  So I’m thinking they could use my business.  Guess not.  I know where we won’t be holiday shopping this year.

Netflix offers really innovative solutions…not

So the Frog and I received a disk from Netflix the other day.  When we opened it we found that the U.S. Postal service had kindly cracked the disk.  We did what anyone would, went online and reported the problem.  We were expecting an e-mail telling us they’d send another disk and not to worry.  Instead, here’s how it went:

Please describe the damage…

DVD is visibly cracked or broken


Wiping the disc with a clean damp cloth may help. You may also want to try playing in another DVD player.

Seriously?  Now I’m no scientific genius, but unless water has developed some magical properties that I didn’t know about, it’s not going to create a covalent bond and repair our broken disk.  Neither is using another DVD player.  I mean they have lasers, but they don’t actually fuse stuff, right?

Worst product name ever

So it’s Sunday morning. By now you’ve finished off at least one cup of that shade grown, fair trade coffee and given up on the NY Times crossword puzzle, and you’re hunting around for a breakfast idea. Enter Dunkin Donuts. They’ve invented a new product they lovingly call “Meat Munchkins“. I think it’s the most offensive name I’ve ever heard. And the visual, well don’t even go there. Ewww. Corporate America, what were you thinking?!

Finally off the poop deck

That’s Carnival’s motto. Today, 3+ days after being stranded at sea without power, the captives, ahem, passengers of the Carnival Splendour are finally free. They were let off in the port of San Diego this morning and expressed great relief at the chance to get a hot meal and use a bathroom. Yes, the toilets on the Splendour went down when the generator did and stayed down for 3 solid days. I don’t know what pictures are in your mind right now, but the one in mine is just plain gross. I’m fascinated to see if this will resemble the great Jet Blue meltdown of 2007 or if Carnival can spin this hay into gold. They’ve already promised the disappointed cruisers a refund and another free cruise. Not that I’d want to get on one of their boats, but you never know…might be fun.  :-)

Want fries with that?

Foodie mecca San Francisco has come out and voted online for the best french fries and the winner isn’t some duck fat French Laundry fry.  No, it’s McDonald’s.  The golden arches prevailed with 300 votes.  The Frog and I ate a bunch of Mickey D’s fries while we were on the road because in addition to having delicious, long, hot, crispy fries they also has free wi-fi.  I have to admit they make a damned good french fry.  I was watching The Botany of Desire on PBS this week.  Hey!  It’s educational.  In it Michael Pollan specifically calls McDonald’s out for bio-engineering the perfect Russet potato.  They designed that shiny red box to display your fries like a bouquet of flowers.  Tempting your senses of sight, smell and taste.  I think it’s working.  Who wants fries?

Painting a target on Target

Recently Minnesota based Target corporation made a $150,000 donation to the gubenatorial campaign of Republican Tom Emmer.  Emmer is an outspoken opponent of gay rights, one of Target’s chosen demographics.  You have to ask yourself what bozo CEO, Gregg Steinhafel, was thinking when he did this.  Did he honestly believe the contribution was so small as to go unnoticed?  Well it didn’t and gay rights activists jumped on it essentially painting a target on Target.  Yup, a boycott.  I have to admit I’m kind of gratified to see that the first corporate act under our Supreme Court approved “corporations are people” judgement had them stepping into a pile of shit.  I’m even more tickled to watch the Target CEO apologize publicly, not for the donation mind you, but for disappointing Targets employees and their customers.

Ironic aside:  Target corporation was founded by the family of Mark Dayton one of the democratic candidates in the gubenatorial race.  Doesn’t look like he got a contribution.

You don’t have to be a drug lord to travel like one

The (a perennial Ragebot favorite), clued us in to this genius TSA tomenting trick.  It’s stickers!  You love stickers, remember?  Well at least you did as a kid.  Now you can take your $500+, cherry red, 22″, bin-friendly Victorinox bag to the next level by slapping a sticker on the front with a gagged and bound woman inside.  Funny, right?  The Cheeky thinks so.  In fact they also provide stickers for drug runners, money launderers and sex toy addicts.  I’m thinking they should expand into a sticker for human traffickers.  You’d buy it right?