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Dispatches From South America – Burning the Old Year

Ecuadorans have a unique way of celebrating on the new year. They dispatch the Año Viejo (‘old year’)—along with effigies of the famous and infamous—in bonfires that are lit up just about everywhere.

These are the widows of the old year. They stop traffic and passersby, begging for alms with which to bury the old year.

And here we go…bonfires on every block, bonfires by the thousands. By morning Quito was covered in a smokey haze, but you know…I didn’t mind. Dispatching 2009 seemed somehow right. Certainly more appropriate than welcoming 2010. (More photos here.)

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Happy Couples Are Not Republicans

Despite the fact that nothing can stop GM’s descent into bankruptcy now, the f*cktards at the RNC still feel the need to take a cheap shot at the President.  And for what…the first couple’s quick jaunt up to NYC for dinner and a play?

What absolute nonsense!  The previous occupant of the White House spent a whopping 977 days kicking it away from DC, and the RNC has got a problem with the President taking the First Lady out for the equivalent of ‘date night’?!

Or perhaps it’s the fact that President Obama isn’t taking his mistress to see the late August Wilson’s award winning play—Like Gingrich, or DeLay, or Wolfowitz, or Sherwood would have done.

And Republicans wonder why nobody give a cr*p about anything they say anymore.

SciFi Channel Rebrands, Irrelevance Beckons

Future Headlines —

SciFi Channel renames itself ‘SyFy’, says it’s not just an exciting spelling error

Citing economic climate, FedEx rebrands as Fd’X, claims millions in saved ink and paint

Broadband alliance dissatisfied with common abbreviation, renames standard “WhyPhi”

L.A. Gangs engage image consultant.  Advised to soften language.  “MoeFoe” recommended

‘SyFy’ brand is a bust.  SyFy Channel rebrands…again.  Becomes ‘SeyeFeye’

‘SeyeFeye’ brand is a bust.  ‘CyeFye’ is new name

CyeFye Channel is sued by HBO Networks.  Infringement on ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ claimed

CyeFye Channel shuts down.   Cable subscribers reply, “What channel?”

(Author’s Note:  Geeks made the SciFi Channel what it is.  If they want to do something as pantently stupid as rebranding themselves with term that looks like baby-talk.  They should expect to reap the sh*tstorm!)