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Graves Are Not Yet Full

America does face a threat of political violence. It does not come, by and large from baby boomer evangelicals in Montana. Nor does it come from President Trump, whatever his flaws… The threat today comes from the progressive left and its growing enthusiasm for force as a political tool.

Tucker Carlson, Fox News, 05/25/2017

As we have seen the secular left rise and hostility within it rise, it has become a threat to domestic order, and to this administration.

Lou Dobbs, Fox Busniess, 06/14/2017

You know, congressman, I agree with everything you say. I do think it’s important that we take note that the left in this country is trying to kill America.

Lou Dobbs, Lou Dobbs Tonight, 06/14/2017

Some on the hard left understand this, and that’s exactly why they support it, because political violence could lead to the dissolution of a country they despise.

Tucker Carlson, Tucker Carlson Tonight, 06/15/2017

There is a historical parallel… This is exactly the same sort of toxic rhetoric the Hutu-led government promoted in Rwanda for two years prior to the call for their supporters to grab their machetes. The murder of almost a million Tutsi and moderate Hutu men, women, and children followed.

Dobbs and Carlson are part of a modern Radio Télévision Libre des Mille Collines (RTLM).

Stronger Together?

This is the tagline of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, but as the nastiest presidential election in collective memories of every American alive today grinds to a close, the few of us that proudly remain on America’s left need to ask if it makes any sense to even consider common cause with our fellow citizens.

For over 30 years, since Ronald Reagan’s first inaugural, the right has been on an unrelenting campaign to turn America’s progressives and liberals into demons—and oh how they have succeeded. Even the Democrats, who might be expected to provide cover for liberals, broke with them during Bill Clinton’s campaign, and cast us off as relics impeding the party’s ability to win elections. And so, lacking any champion at the national level, we were branded as libtards, feminazis, and traitors. The blowback has even reached the center-right Democrats represented by Clinton, as unhinged racists openly talk about revolution, assassinating the former Secretary of State before she can assume office, and rounding up the leftists preparatory to stripping them of their citizenship and deporting them. (That last, by the way, is unconstitutional, but that hardly matters to your average Trump supporter who cheers their candidate’s promises to lock up his opponent till she rots.)

So here’s the thing… Evangelicals lament America’s drift toward immorality. They claim that America has abandoned them and their way of life. Southerners, 150 years after the Civil War’s end, lament the loss of separate identity and curse the nation that took them back. Citizens in the rust belt lament lost industries and the jobs that went with them. White males lament a lost patriarchy and curse the crushing political blow that they are about to receive. But in this festival of loss not one of these constituencies conceptualizes that, through each political or economic spasm, the coasts with their liberal politics, inclusive values, and vibrant multi-cultural populations have continued to keep America chugging along. These states and regions are the ones that put $2 into federal coffers while taking back $1. These states and regions are the ones that provide the innovation that brings the country back from massive financial misdeeds and might provide a way forward.

We didn’t abandon the evangelicals. They chose to abandon us, branded us as immoral “others”. We didn’t force Southerners to chose separation. They chose it for themselves. We did not take coal jobs from Appalachia, automotive jobs from Detroit, or steel jobs from the midwest, but once those jobs were gone we tried our damnedest to provide the money for training and retooling. We can’t help white males who feel threatened. Being forced to compete on equal terms with women, other races, other creeds, and other orientations is the imperative of our Constitution.

There is no longer any reason to reach out, no reason to compromise.


Clinton has it wrong. We are not stronger together.

Texas Secession – An Opportunity Missed

Though the Texas Secession Movement never really seems to gain enough traction to get anything accomplished, I’m here to say…please, LET THESE MORONS GO!!!

I mean, really, these idiots are willing to risk having all passenger air traffic in and out of the Lone Star State stopped by the Feds. And when the Texas legislature quashed the infamous ‘pat-down’ bill, crowds of protestors came to the capital to shout “traitors” at their representatives.

So… Is there any way we could encourage Texas to secede? Imagine the benefits. The average IQ of Americans might ascend a whole point or two against other countries just by excising this pool of retards. The most polluted state in the nation could go and wallow in the cesspool that it’s become. Fresh potable water will no longer be a problem in the ‘Greater 49’ as we cut off, damn up…whatever…the Rio Grande, the Red River, the East Branch of the Colorado, and just about every other fresh water source that Dry Star State depends on. Our Texan friends will be forced to get real friendly-like with their neighbors south of the border since the only way out of Texas will be through Mexico. And maybe our gun happy Texan brethren can apply themselves to Mexico’s violence problem.

In short, Texas needs a hard lesson in just how painful it can be to try and survive on its own, and I think that it’s time for the state of my youth to head to school.

Railroad barons got nothin’ on us

The heartland’s favorite gajillionaire, Warren Buffet, this week convinced 40 of the wealthiest Americans to donate half of their money to charity.  This hasn’t happened in a long time.  Well since the good old days when Carnegie bought his way into heaven by creating a University, Getty provided the world with a parting gift of not one, but two beautiful museums, and countless other robber barons left their houses and extensive art collections to posterity.  It warms the cockles of my little heart to hear that Bill & Melinda Gates (Buffet’s partners in the effort), won’t be only the billionaires waiting for me at the Pearly gates.  They’ll be joined by Larry Ellison, Jimmy Buffet and George Lucas.  Sure their kids are probably freaking out, but it’s not like they’re going to have to get jobs or anything.  Half a gajillion dollars is still a lot of money.

Full disclosure:  I’m actually pretty impressed by this.  I don’t know I’d be selfless enough to give up half the lily pad if asked.  You go rich guys!

Palin quits Iditarod

Sarah Palin dropped out of the 2010 Iditarod today, earning her the distinction of being the first former Alaska Governor to quit the storied 1,100 mile endurance challenge.

Palin’s withdrawal comes after two days of disappointments out on the route. Palin was delayed on Saturday in Anchorage when her number one and two dogs Levi and Bristol ran off into the woods together for two hours. As a result the race had to be restarted Sunday.

After the restart Palin failed to shoot any wolves from her sled. “The terrain was unsportsmanlike by being so bumpy that I couldn’t get off a clean shot at any of them dontcha know,” she said Sunday afternoon via satellite phone.

Soon after that Palin was again delayed, this time by a crew from Dog Fancy magazine who had come to photograph Levi for the April centerfold.

Palin suffered another setback Sunday evening when perspiration blurred the directions she had written on her hand. As a result she took a wrong turn in the dark near Yentna Station and fell into last place.

“This is too hard, I quit,” Palin radioed to race officials this morning.

However, the Iditarod will not be a total loss for Palin. She has received a $1.25 million advance from HarperCollins to write a book about how to win the Iditarod, and she gets to keep all the musher apparel and equipment provided by Loki, Go, Neos, and Archie McPhee.

And Bristol is expecting puppies.

In other news, Senator John McCain today explained his decision to include dead people among the signatories of a letter opposing an end to the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy on gays in the military. “I’m a big supporter of seance,” said the four term Arizona lawmaker. “Our nation has produced many great military leaders like George McClellan, George Armstrong Custer, Bill Westmoreland, and my old navy buddy Matt Perry. Why should we limit ourselves to the opinions of the living, when at stake is whether our men in uniform are comfortable in the showers?”

GOP split on health care — Bachmann: we didn’t nuke Japan enough – Palin: we nuked them the right amount

A congresswoman’s remarks on Japan’s health care system this week have unexpectedly resulted in a disagreement between two of the Republican Party’s leading personalities.

It all began Tuesday when Rep. Michele Bachmann, addressing home state supporters in Rochester, Minnesota, warned that Democratic health proposals would lead to limits on Americans’ free speech. A government-controlled health plan, she said, would allow the government to threaten its critics by denying them health care.

Bachmann pointed to Japan as an illustration of what happens when the government takes over health care. “You know those old Japanese soldiers who hid in the jungles and didn’t know World War II was over until decades later?” she asked.

“Well what they were hiding from was the government health care system, forced down their throats after the war by that well-known pinko General Douglas MacArthur,” Bachmann said.

Bachmann reminded her audience that the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were a preemptive action meant to prevent post-war socialism. “Obviously we didn’t nuke them enough,” she said.

Those comments did not sit well with former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. The rising GOP star and Fox News commentator questioned Bachmann’s version of history, telling viewers Tuesday night, “I’ve seen M*A*S*H? So I think I’m on on firm ground by pointing out MacArthur was a Korean general, not Japanese?”

Continued Palin: “And not only that, but if you don’t mind me saying so also, the nuking was needed to rouse Godzilla from his slumbering on the ocean floor.”

“Thereto, the three times we nuked Japan was exactly the right amount,” Palin said.

However, in a retort issued through her press office, the Minnesota lawmaker stood by her evaluation that Japan had not been nuked enough. “If all of Japan had been incinerated, it would have saved them from being enslaved by socialist government health care,” Bachmann said.

Come the revolution

Amigo Kvatch and friends were lamenting during the week (Blogs Against Kleptocracy – Game Over ) another blow to a dubious democracy by the US Supreme Court. At the same time a desperate Aussie farmer was 30 ft up a wind monitoring mast on his property in the high country south of Canberra, on a hunger strike. He is protesting new laws which forbid him to clear native vegetation.

The link with these stories is the assumption that systems of government and law were established with most of us mind. A public protest to Federal Parliament began in Canberra’s “Magna Carta Park” in the firm belief that that historical document enshrined some sort of rights to the people.

When King John conceded rights to the ‘people’ that group consisted of a well defined group of powerful male land owners. The majority in England at that time were merely regarded as a rabble of undeserving serfs. Only a change in language use, a more inclusive approach gave the impression it means us.

Equally the American founding fathers were sparing, even nervous, about giving any real power to the rabble. You still are not trusted to ‘elect’ a president, and historically the entrepreneurial class has, by default if not law, been given precedence over the people. The only real wonder is that the people have, Ragebot aside, willingly accepted this travesty of democracy.

My real fear is that Corporate Kleptocracy; the American model, is a creeping pandemic. I feel a Julius Caesar moment approaching where any semblance of rights we do have will be taken away. All for our own good mind.

Aussies are a feisty lot and will continue to fight it, but with countless competing agendas a cohesive counter attack is highly unlikely. And still I sigh wistfully: Come the revolution…