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Icelanders finally have revenge for economic meltdown

Reykjavik (f-A-k-e. P.)

“Call my loans bitches, I’ve got volcanoes you don’t even know about!”

~ Iceland

Europe has spent the week in travel chaos as a giant Icelandic cloud of ash has cast a pall over 22 countries grounding up to 17,000 flights a day.  The Eyjafjallajokull volcano started to erupt just over a week ago.  European media has speculated that the normally dormant volcano was brought to life by smoldering Icelandic outrage over Europe calling it’s loans, leading to the current deep recession.  Icelandic officials were reached for comment, but no one understood a word they said.  It is hoped that sister volcano Katla won’t fall prey to the same anger.  If it does it could start a domino effect of volcanic eruptions eventually burying Europe under the same dark cloud that now hangs over the Icelandic economy.

Donner Coast

I remember the blizzards of 92-93 on the East Coast—the District running out of money for road clearing during the very first storm and resorting to pushing huge piles of snow into the Potomac River. I remember drivers abandoning their cars on the Capital Beltway by the hundreds during the superstorm on March 12th, and I remember panicked Virginians stripping everything but the screws and bolts from local store shelves.

With this year’s second superstorm already battering the Atlantic seaboard, and all the stores already cleared of every scrap of food, do you think people in and around the nation’s capital will resort to cannibalism?

(You can thank the Frogette for inspiring this post.  She was actually snowed in for 4 days back in ’93.)