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It’s a debate for media whores

So Donald Trump, business man, reality television star and former Republican primary candidate is hosting a political debate.  I’ve been watching this story with interest and mild amusement.  I wonder,  “what qualifies him to host a debate?”  Doesn’t the fact that he himself was a potential candidate for president seem like a conflict of interest?  Is it that he’s such a big star?  Um, rating on The Apprentice have been trending down for years now.

I honestly don’t know who is going to be at this debate.  Romney, Paul and Huntsman have all declined.  Gingrich on the other hand went to Trump Tower and held a press conference with “The Donald” to announce his participation.  How far the mighty have fallen.  I’m imagining Newt, Michelle Bachmann, Rick Perry and Trump all in a room competing for the title of biggest media whore.  A circus indeed.

My favorite headlines this week

Hey all.  I’m really sorry for being MIA for the past couple of weeks.  2011 is getting off to a rocky start in our household.  We’ve had some family stuff and are passing colds back and forth, so we’ve been down for the count the past couple of weeks.  Hopefully things are on the mend and I’ll be posting more in the future.  Until then, leaving you with my favorite headlines this week.

The 50 Most Loathesome Americans (this one is from Kvatch)

GOP Governor: Christians Are My Brothers And Sisters, Others Not

Pope Takes on Italy PM Over Sex Scandal

and one really awesome quote:

I’ve thought about it.  Like I’m doing my taxes now for last year, and I’m looking over my credit card bills for all the times I’ve taken women out to dinner.  If I divide that by the number of times I’ve had sex, I’m paying more for sex then Elliott Spitzer!”

~ Audience participant at The View commenting on whether or not women who don’t intend to date you should go dutch at dinner

Killer croutons?

Just when you were about to start your New Year’s diet word comes from CBS that Al Qaeda is hatching a plot to poison your croutons.  I swear it’s either a slow news day or they are seriously making this up.  I think we’ve fallen into the paranoia abyss people.  You really should be more worried about U.S. corporations poisoning your food “by accident” as they’ve done numerous times in the last few years.  E. Coli, salmonella, and listeria have all been circulated by our Food Industrial Complex.  While the Food Safety Bill passed the Senate vote this past weekend, we’ve still got a long way to go before we are truly safe.  Besides, let’s face it if you’ve seen how fat Americans are becoming you already know we’re not eating salads.

My favorite headlines this week

Black Friday: Medicore sales (apparently needs a spelling lesson)

Travelers learn to cope with ‘scope and grope’

The 5 Stupidest Questions People Ask The Butterball Turkey Hotline

And one insightful funny quote:

We already know the banks are grossly incompetent, can’t manage risk and would be dead without taxpayer support,” said Barry Ritholtz, a Wall Street money manager who rails on the bankers at his Big Picture blog. “What are we going to find in these leaks — that free checking isn’t really free?

Fox News call for blood

Huckabee and O’Reilly are calling for the death of the Wikileaks leaker, Sarah Palin wants to declare Wikileaks a terrorist organization, and John Hawkins wrote a bizarre column, “5 Reason the CIA should have already killed Julian Assange“.  Because that would, what John, stop the leak?!  Um, no.  That horse is already out of the barn.  Maybe you should be blowing hard about America not behaving like a paranoid bully instead of calling for executions.  The people who perpetrated those acts that are so embarrassing to the government also have a responsibility here.  Assange just shed light on their dirty deeds.  He didn’t do them.  Let’s be clear about that.

My question is this, If Republicans declare Wikileaks a terrorist organization as planned, what are they going to call all the people whose dirty secrets Wikileaks has been exposed?

Oh and to all you rabid Fox folks, I just want to say this.  In the America that I live in we don’t kill people who disagree with us.

Laundry day

Get ready for it folks because dirty laundry is about to come your way again courtesy of Julian Assange and Wikleaks.  The target this time is the U.S. State Department and Wikileaks is getting ready to dump a boatload of diplomatic communiques that have the entire world in an uproar.  U.S. officials are all over the media saying how this is detrimental to doing business in a “civilized” manner.  Well I haven’t seen the documents, but I’m guessing if they’re this worried they were doing some pretty uncivilized stuff.  What I can’t understand is that people in this day and age think that they can do all of this “secret” dirty business and keep it hidden.  It’s the internet age people, it’s going to come out.  Politicians are smart enough to air out their closets at the beginning of their campaigns.  Why didn’t the Obama Administration empty out the Bush closets when they came into the White House?  It would have saved a lot of time and garnered them a lot of credibility.  As it is now they just look complicit.