The buck stops here

The Frog sent me this article today about Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) employing a “doomsday” scenario in the U.S. Senate.  He announced via his Chief of Staff that he will put a hold on all legislation headed for the Senate floor if it is not cleared through his office first.  The deadline for this?  Um, today.  That’s right.  This wingnut is going to tie up the Senate in knots.  What I want to know is how one man can do this?  I mean we’re a democracy for crying out loud.  At least we say we are.  Who wrote the Senate rules that give one person this much power?!  It’s lunacy.

The modern day witch hunt

Two stories got me thinking this week. The first is about the Pentagon buying up 9,500 copies of an officer’s memoir because, “they contained information which could cause damage to national security”.  They then allowed a redacted version of the novel Operation Dark Heart to be published and sold to the public.  It contains 21 lines of blacked out text in the second chapter.  Since the original printing of the book was 10,000 copies that means there are still 500 copies circulating, one now on e-Bay.  What the government thinks it’s accomplished I have no idea.  It’s like they painted a target on this thing and now everyone is going to go looking for those blacked out pages.

Similar thing happening with GOP antagonist and Tea Party candidate Christine O’Donnell.  She’s been bugging me since she won the primary in Delaware (seriously, what were you people thinking?!!!).  Well Bill Maher has started what basically seems to me to be a modern day witch hunt, no pun intended.  He’s putting up embarrassing video of her in an effort to get her to return to his show.  Now these videos make her look crazy.  She says things, “Evolution is a myth!”.  Do I feel sorry for her?  Not really.  Her political advisers painted a target on her when they removed all her website content the day after her big win.  It just created a big red arrow for the public saying look this way for things we don‘t want you to see.

What’s so ridiculous about both cases is that if they had just left well enough alone this probably would have flown under the radar.  Well maybe not O’Donnell’s website crazy, but it would have been written off much faster.  Now it’s a story with a life of it’s own.

Riding Hurd

I’m sorry I just couldn’t resist such a great pun.  I read on yesterday that Larry Ellison of Oracle has hired disgraced ex-HP CEO Mark Hurd.  Yup, the sexual harassment poster child has landed a seat (and a big pay day) on the Oracle board.  Ellison claims he chose Hurd because quote:

Mark did a brilliant job at H-P

Yeah right.  I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that they are close friends, and Ellison is probably responsible for advising Hurd to settle his lawsuit privately and without telling the HP board.  Makes perfect sense.  Besides, now Larry Ellison won’t be the biggest target asshole at Oracle anymore.  All I can say is ladies beware.

If Americans are really this stupid…

we’re all doomed.  Headlines hit today that Americans favor the GOP over the Democrats on the economy.

Americans say that Republicans in Congress would do a better job dealing with the economy

Are you kidding me?!  The greatest debts of modern times were created by Republicans.  Tax cuts for the wealthy were created by the Republicans.  Democrats did things like extend unemployment benefits, COBRA and offered home buyer tax credits to keep the housing market afloat and people in their homes.  Think about it America, are Democrats really not doing enough for you?  Vote in a Republican Congress and all you’re going to get is gridlock.  Then we are well and truly doomed.

OMG, who thought this was a good idea?!

I read online this morning that Chile has brought in the survivors of the Andean plane crash to give their trapped miners hope.  Sound odd?  Well it is.  You see these are the Uruguayan rugby team players featured in the book and film, Alive.  You know, the guys who ate human flesh.  Ewwww.  Now I’m not saying they killed anyone because they didn’t, they merely survived by eating already dead friends, but oh man.  Is this really the message you want to send to a bunch of men trapped in a small space for potentially months on end?  I’d be completely freaked out if this was the image I was sent from the surface.

Major human trafficker is huge GOP donor

Of course he is because folks this is still ‘Merica.  Land of the Free, home of the rich and influential.  According to this dude was indicted for trafficking 400 people, and yet he’s a crusader against employers who hire illegal immigrants.  “Hello pot, this is the kettle…you’re black!”

It’s the typical dichotomy found in the Grand Old Party.  They want freedom of religion, but not if you follow Islam.  They want states rights, but plan to ‘federalize’ Ground Zero.  They want smaller government, unless they’re running it, and then they want to make it huge.  I want them to buy a mirror and look into it.  I’m so tired of listening to people talking out of both sides of their mouth.