Dinner at our house

is a unique experience.  Tonight over chicken and stuffing the Frog came up with a great quote:

You know the problem with North Korea isn’t that they’re communists.  They’re more like Scientologists.

~ Kvatch

Brilliant!  You can see why I love this guy.  :-)

Fall into the Gap, get carded

So the Frog and I went to Gap today to purchase some stuff.  It was a mission given that the mall was literally filled with shoppers.  We got in, found what we needed and jumped in the check out line.  I handed the sales guy my handy dandy credit card and thought we’d be out in a flash.  Then the trouble began.  “I need your drivers license.”  Um, what?  I’ve had that card, your card, for a decade and you’ve never once asked me for i.d.  I simply said, nope thinking that would be the end of it.  He’d finish my sale and we’d be off.  But, no…he can’t finish the transaction.  So I politely ask him to call the manager over.  I explain to her that I don’t give out my license because of identity theft, and she tartly informs me that “it’s their policy” and they won’t finish the sale.  Needless to say at that point we just threw up our hands and walked out.  I can’t believe that a store like the Gap has the guts to get into a pissing match with me over my i.d.  I mean they seriously e-mail me daily with discounts and pleas to spend money.  So I’m thinking they could use my business.  Guess not.  I know where we won’t be holiday shopping this year.

Laundry day

Get ready for it folks because dirty laundry is about to come your way again courtesy of Julian Assange and Wikleaks.  The target this time is the U.S. State Department and Wikileaks is getting ready to dump a boatload of diplomatic communiques that have the entire world in an uproar.  U.S. officials are all over the media saying how this is detrimental to doing business in a “civilized” manner.  Well I haven’t seen the documents, but I’m guessing if they’re this worried they were doing some pretty uncivilized stuff.  What I can’t understand is that people in this day and age think that they can do all of this “secret” dirty business and keep it hidden.  It’s the internet age people, it’s going to come out.  Politicians are smart enough to air out their closets at the beginning of their campaigns.  Why didn’t the Obama Administration empty out the Bush closets when they came into the White House?  It would have saved a lot of time and garnered them a lot of credibility.  As it is now they just look complicit.

Happy Thanksgiving!

We at Casa de las Ranas have decided to celebrate the occupation of North America today by ingesting a chicken instead of a turkey.  Downsizing you know.  No, it’s not the economy.  It’s just that we’re celebrating on our own and two people can’t reasonably eat a 24 lb. turkey.  Even the chickens at our grocery store this week were pushing 10 lbs.  It’s like they’re on steroids or something.

So anyway, enjoy your largesse this year America.  Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow you all will fly.  Home that is.  Travel safely and tell TSA to keep their hands to themselves.

North Korea has nuclear capability…

seriously at this point is anyone surprised?  We’ve been bribing them for years to try and shut down their development of nuclear weapons and to no avail.  The world learned this week that Pyongyang has gone right on developing a uranium enrichment facility despite all assurances to the contrary.  And now the world wants the U.S. to do something about it.  Like what?!  It’s not like we’re going to invade North Korea.  Done that, been there, got the t-shirt.  I think we should really step back and let China take this one.  They’re an emerging global power.  They certainly have more pull with the North Koreans than we do.  And they have the military might to strike fear into the hearts of their neighbors.

National meet the trouser snake day

Several civil rights organizations are putting together an “Opt Out” protest for the day before Thanksgiving this year.  They are encouraging everyone to opt out of the backscatter imaging and take the pat down instead.  This is going to create CHAOS!  Can you just imagine what the lines will be like at the airports?  They’ll go on for miles.  The Frog and I found the perfect solution.  All the men going in for this search should wear kilts.  Yup kilts.  If they go commando, they can just lift it up and flash TSA the goods.