Banner of shame

It was announced this week that the infamous “Mission Accomplished” banner former President George W. Bush spoke under will become part of his presidential library collection.  Will it be hung for all the world to see?  Unclear.  It’s currently in storage and they’re not sure how they will use it.  I say hang it high, Hell put is in front of the entrance.  Don’t let this man divorce himself from his past mistakes as he has done all his life.  He started 2 wars.  Make him stand and cut the opening ceremony ribbon under his banner of shame.

Netflix offers really innovative solutions…not

So the Frog and I received a disk from Netflix the other day.  When we opened it we found that the U.S. Postal service had kindly cracked the disk.  We did what anyone would, went online and reported the problem.  We were expecting an e-mail telling us they’d send another disk and not to worry.  Instead, here’s how it went:

Please describe the damage…

DVD is visibly cracked or broken


Wiping the disc with a clean damp cloth may help. You may also want to try playing in another DVD player.

Seriously?  Now I’m no scientific genius, but unless water has developed some magical properties that I didn’t know about, it’s not going to create a covalent bond and repair our broken disk.  Neither is using another DVD player.  I mean they have lasers, but they don’t actually fuse stuff, right?

“If you touch my junk, I’ll have you arrested”

Those are the famous last words of John Tyner 31, a passenger flying out of San Diego. He had refused to pass through TSA’s new scattershot imaging machine.  Instead, he agreed to a pat down, but as the procedure of his impending groin search was being described, Mr. Tyner uttered the immortal words above.  And got thrown out of the airport.  All I can say is I want to meet this guy and shake his hand!  I realize that last Christmas we had an underwear bomber and we have to have safety procedures in place, but the search they described just sounds, well invasive.  What’s next?  Cavity search?  Glad I’m not flying this holiday season.

Worst product name ever

So it’s Sunday morning. By now you’ve finished off at least one cup of that shade grown, fair trade coffee and given up on the NY Times crossword puzzle, and you’re hunting around for a breakfast idea. Enter Dunkin Donuts. They’ve invented a new product they lovingly call “Meat Munchkins“. I think it’s the most offensive name I’ve ever heard. And the visual, well don’t even go there. Ewww. Corporate America, what were you thinking?!

My favorite headlines this week

Study: If You Like Your Sperm, Don’t Put Your Laptop On Your Lap

Doomgraph: This Recession’s Unemployment vs Other Recessions

Terror Group Gets ‘A’ Rating From Better Business Bureau?

Google Maps Nearly Causes War

and one really awesome quote:

The whole cable industry is starting to look like Blockbuster. They’ve persisted for years in gouging their customers with crappy selection, prices, and service — pretty much because they’re the only game in town. Resentment builds and the minute a viable alternative appears people jump ship. (

Finally off the poop deck

That’s Carnival’s motto. Today, 3+ days after being stranded at sea without power, the captives, ahem, passengers of the Carnival Splendour are finally free. They were let off in the port of San Diego this morning and expressed great relief at the chance to get a hot meal and use a bathroom. Yes, the toilets on the Splendour went down when the generator did and stayed down for 3 solid days. I don’t know what pictures are in your mind right now, but the one in mine is just plain gross. I’m fascinated to see if this will resemble the great Jet Blue meltdown of 2007 or if Carnival can spin this hay into gold. They’ve already promised the disappointed cruisers a refund and another free cruise. Not that I’d want to get on one of their boats, but you never know…might be fun.  :-)