Necessity really is the mother of invention

Impeded by the U.S. border fence, creative criminals have taken to using a catapult to lob marijuana from Mexico into Arizona. Yes, that ubiquitous medieval device has found a new life in the modern world. The National Guard caught drug smugglers using an SUV mounted catapult to fling small bales of pot up and over our border fence.  Having toured the U.S. Border Patrol museum I can’t say I’m surprised.  No one shows more ingenuity than criminals.  They’ll modify anything if they think it will get the job done.

Kvatch upon hearing this suggested a couple of clever names for this new device ~ “the potipult” or, my favorite, “the weedbuchet”.  Pull!

My favorite headlines this week

Hey all.  I’m really sorry for being MIA for the past couple of weeks.  2011 is getting off to a rocky start in our household.  We’ve had some family stuff and are passing colds back and forth, so we’ve been down for the count the past couple of weeks.  Hopefully things are on the mend and I’ll be posting more in the future.  Until then, leaving you with my favorite headlines this week.

The 50 Most Loathesome Americans (this one is from Kvatch)

GOP Governor: Christians Are My Brothers And Sisters, Others Not

Pope Takes on Italy PM Over Sex Scandal

and one really awesome quote:

I’ve thought about it.  Like I’m doing my taxes now for last year, and I’m looking over my credit card bills for all the times I’ve taken women out to dinner.  If I divide that by the number of times I’ve had sex, I’m paying more for sex then Elliott Spitzer!”

~ Audience participant at The View commenting on whether or not women who don’t intend to date you should go dutch at dinner

Starbucks rolls out the bucket o’ coffee

Starbucks announced this week that it will expand the availability of it’s 31 ounce drinks.  The Trenta cup, yeah the really called it that, will cost a mere 50 cents more than the uber popular venti.  And it will contain 11 additional ounces of whatever it is your ordering.  I’m sitting here imagining a 31 ounce frappacino and the thought just makes me sick.  The whole idea is just disgusting!

Blue Shield has lost their damned mind

It was announced this week that Blue Shield of California is planning a 59% rate hike. 59% for health insurance, after Obamacare has passed?!  They must think they’re Anthem Blue Cross who got reamed in 2010 for even suggesting a 39% hike.  I guess insurers think that rate increases are like a game of poker you just keep upping the ante.  To add insult to injury they said in a statement that their decision had:

almost nothing to do with the federal health reform law and that ultimately the law will help slow down health care costs.

Sounds to me like Blue Shield has just gone completely insane.