Texas Secession – An Opportunity Missed

Though the Texas Secession Movement never really seems to gain enough traction to get anything accomplished, I’m here to say…please, LET THESE MORONS GO!!!

I mean, really, these idiots are willing to risk having all passenger air traffic in and out of the Lone Star State stopped by the Feds. And when the Texas legislature quashed the infamous ‘pat-down’ bill, crowds of protestors came to the capital to shout “traitors” at their representatives.

So… Is there any way we could encourage Texas to secede? Imagine the benefits. The average IQ of Americans might ascend a whole point or two against other countries just by excising this pool of retards. The most polluted state in the nation could go and wallow in the cesspool that it’s become. Fresh potable water will no longer be a problem in the ‘Greater 49’ as we cut off, damn up…whatever…the Rio Grande, the Red River, the East Branch of the Colorado, and just about every other fresh water source that Dry Star State depends on. Our Texan friends will be forced to get real friendly-like with their neighbors south of the border since the only way out of Texas will be through Mexico. And maybe our gun happy Texan brethren can apply themselves to Mexico’s violence problem.

In short, Texas needs a hard lesson in just how painful it can be to try and survive on its own, and I think that it’s time for the state of my youth to head to school.

End of days…again?

Do you have these whackos in your neighborhood? We sure do. Signs prophesying the “End of Days” on May 21st. Cries of, “REPENT!”.

I see them and I’m asking myself how did they pick that day?  In my lifetime I’ve survived several end of days scenarios.  The year 2000, 2001, 2010, hell I lived through Y2K.  Besides why on earth would a benevolent deity end the world on Saturday, my day off?  I mean, seriously?

Well don’t fear, because Huffingtonpost.com has come to the rescue with a list of 21 reasons why May 21st is not doomsday.  So don’t stop paying your bills just yet folks.

‘2nd to Last Password’ You’ll Ever Need

LastPass, the online password vault that advertises themselves as, “The last password you’ll ever need,” is basically…well there’s really no way to sugarcoat this…A BAD IDEA!

It’s one thing to keep your passwords in some kind personal ‘vault’—your file cabinet, a safety deposit box, some obscure file on your own computer. But when you rely on an online service to to do that storage function for you, you’re trusting the service itself—that it’s secure, protected, confidential, and trustworthy. You’re trusting that service’s employees. You’re trusting every potential competitor for that service, that in a takeover situation, they’ll handle your most important data the same way the original service did. But most importantly, you’re trusting the entire Internet, since such a service is really just a BIG FAT TARGET!!!

Well, the last password you’ll ever need is now really the 2nd to last password you’ll every need. LastPass got hacked.

Bin Laden Redux

Osama Vision“The death of bin Laden marks the most significant achievement to date in our nation’s effort to defeat Al-Qaeda.”

—  President of the United States, Barack Obama

“Indeed…because it’s unlikely that this nation will, every again, be able to borrow (waste, burn…) $400,000,000/day for every one of the approximately 3500 days since 9/11.”

—  Kvatch