“Where’s my f*cking mortgage check?!”

So first it was the Obama administration with their Home Affordable Modification Program, designed to keep underwater borrowers in their homes by offering them mortgage modifications through their lenders. Now…conservative economists and even a few Republican presidential hopefuls are jumping on the massive, taxpayer-funded, mortgage modification bandwagon—though not out of a sense of compassion for homeowners, but rather the realization that banks, and the economy more generally, need consumers to be consuming, something they can’t do now due to crushing mortgage debt.

But what I want to know—and I don’t really give a damn whether the answer comes from a Democrat or a Republican—is: Where the f*ck is *my* god-damned mortgage relief!?

I’m over here playing by the rules. I bought a house I could afford, even if either the Frogette or I lose our job. I got a good rate; put down the requisite 20%; am busy pumping money into the local economy by refurbishing and renovating a 90 year home that was desperately in need of serious work. I’m doing every freakin’ thing those ass-wipes in the Obama administration or the RNC could possibly expect, but will I see even one penny from a new mortgage relief program? NOT BLOODY LIKELY!

Now I’m not greedy. I won’t even ask for money in my pocket. How about this: In exchange for another bailout for homeowners who have no money and less sense, I’d like big fat payment toward the installation of a full-up solar generation system with battery backup. In other words, help get me off the grid, and I’ll help get the economy moving again. And, when the Rethuglicans bitch about subsidies for solar energy, President Wuss should be required to tell them to go and F*CK THEMSELVES!!!

Metro Melts Down

And to think that I used to complain about San Francisco MUNI…

I just took Washington Metro’s idiotic survey regarding last week’s Clarendon incident. In typical WMATA fashion, the survey ensures that Metro will gain no insight about what really went wrong that evening.

The WMATA won’t hear about the 700 inbound riders waiting in vain for non-existent shuttles at Ballston.

The WMATA won’t hear about the dozens of transit police that refused to help direct traffic at Clarendon so that buses packed with commuters could get through.

The WMATA won’t hear about the 40 or so emergency vehicles clogging the streets around Clarendon, when just a few would have sufficed.

The WMATA won’t hear about the thousands of outbound commuters clogging the sidewalks at Rossyln, waiting for shuttles that never came. Nor will the WMATA hear about the hundreds of inbound commuters who were denied entrance by station managers at Rossyln after practically being kicked off of DC bound buses.

The WMATA won’t hear about the hundreds of inbound commuters who, left with no other alternative, had to walk from Rossyln to Foggy Bottom! (It’s about 2 miles.)

In short, the WMATA won’t hear about any of the real problems because their worthless, waste-of-time survey doesn’t ask any of the RIGHT F*CKING QUESTIONS!

Here’s a thought… Maybe Metro managers should pull their collective heads out of their asses and try to learn something from this so that the next time an idiot tries to commit ‘suicide by subway’ they’ll deal with it like professionals instead of the STUPID F*CKING AMATEURS that they are!!!