George Bush – Asshole of the Week (Most Weeks)

Two weeks ago, after Bush vetoed the joint resolution banning the CIA’s use of torture on ‘high-value’ suspects, I thought hard about giving him my ‘Asshole of the Week’ award…but didn’t.

I should have.  Because, after 5 years of feigned indignation at the use of term ‘torturer’ in reference to the United States, this waste of a man, this preening jackass, confirmed what the whole world already knows: Yes we do use torture and yes the mother-f*cking Bush Administration isn’t going to stop using torture to get what it wants!

Asshole of the Week (Most Weeks)But then, Bush followed up with a display of monumental hubris. Drawing himself up with importance, he once again proclaimed how America must wean itself from its dependence on foreign oil just before shooting that sentiment in the foot with a lame reference to the 20 car motorcade that brought him to the Washington International Renewable Energy Conference. Gee George, thought that stupid joke up all by yourself did ya? You miserable tool!

However, in the end, it was a little discussed headline this last week that pushed me over the edge. You see Bush demonstrated that, despite all his feigned sympathy for the little man, he actually doesn’t give a crap what happens to Americans. In fact, by personally (and illegally) interfering in the EPA’s strengthening of seasonal ozone limits, Bush is essentially signing the death warrants of thousands of Americans, all so that his paymasters can have a bit more dinero in their pockets. Because that’s what additional smog-forming ozone does…it kills people—the young, the old, the infirm—just as surely as if Bush himself had gunned them down himself with a legally obtained assault weapon.

So there you have it, enough stuff to make it worth declaring George Bush ‘The Asshole of the Week’…in fact, the most monumental of assholes.

8 thoughts on “George Bush – Asshole of the Week (Most Weeks)”

  1. Nice blog you’ve got going on here. I am no longer amazed by the depth of Bush’s ignorance and insensitivity. It is a travesty that he was ever elected, and I warn my children about mistakes like him for the rest of my years. Oh how he’s helped to ruin this world that held so much promise at the birth of our new century.

  2. Cartledge… Can’t move anywhere just yet. The biggest travesty is that at the end of his reig–term, he’ll just retire to his ranch, like Reagan to his, and fade away. Well aside from having his mug carved on Mt. Rushmore.

    Lew… No truer words. Do you think a lancing would work?

    Octavian… Thanks for stopping by. You know… I often questioned my decision not to have children. Not so much anymore.

  3. Fred… Apparently not. The feds just announced that they’re willing to ‘hold the bag’ if JP Morgan’s buyout of Bear Stearns goes south.

    TPM… :-) That supposes that there might be a bigger asshole still on the way. Let’s all hope not!

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