Vanity Choice

For those of you following the Arizona debate over “Choose Life” license plates–vanity plates backed by the Arizona Choose Life coalition–the culmination was reached this week in the US 9th Circuit Court. This is the way it went down:

'Choose Life' plateBack in 2002/2003 the ACL petitioned the Arizona License Plate Commission (that’s the group that decides which not-for-profit causes get to enshrine their views in metal for your rear bumper) to support a new plate with the slogan “Choose Life”. And… when the commission turned down the request, the ACL sued claiming that they’re First Amendment rights were violated.

You know what? I think that 9th Circuit 3 judge panel was probably right. If we’re going to slap stupid slogans on license plates, why not allow every cracker organization with an ax to grind to put their thoughts in your face while you’re driving? “Choose Life”? How about, uh… “Choose Choice?” (Hmmm… maybe that doesn’t work so well.)

But setting aside the strict constitutional interpretation, seems to me that the real issue is about sticking your thoughts in someone else’s face. I mean nobody ties you down and forces you to read my rantings. But America has a manic for child-bearing, and it seems that when a baby (fetus…whatever) is involved privacy, propriety, and personal space go out the window.

Here’s how it ought to go down:

“Touch my belly and draw back a stump.”

“No you can’t hold my baby!”

“It’s my god-damned choice, and I don’t need your stupid license plate to tell me otherwise!”

11 thoughts on “Vanity Choice”

  1. They do it the other way round here. When you see a swinging ‘baby on board’ sign you duck. Apparently that is a license to drive like a maniac. If that isn’t choosing nothing is.

  2. This is getting out of hand. What’s next — “Low Motility”? “Taking fertility drugs”?

    Remember “Maverick is My Co-Pilot”? Here’s a new one: “Offend Human Life.” Because that’s what these theocrats are doing to me.

  3. Frogette… Would it have fit on the plate?

    TomCat… Many thanks. Hope you’ll stop by often.

    Cartledge… Does it also imply an oversized vehicle as it does here in the states? As in, “Yes I *DO* need that S.U.V. to keep my baby safe!”

    Mr_Blog… “Offend Human Life”! That would raise some hackles.

  4. kvatch, these are generally small hatchbacks or sedans. We are in the regions here, why would you have a SUV outside the city? But these ‘mothers’ are approaching teenage boys for moronic driving.

  5. TomCat… You’re so there. Look under the “Recommended Blogs”. I need to figure out how to get WordPress to display those one’s more prominently. Still working on that.

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