Not Just For Terrorists Anymore

A government list of 1,000,000 Americans—having no mechanism for vetting and removing individuals—is going to get abused. It started with TSA using the ‘terrorist watch list’ to silence their critics. Now…state law enforcement officials are using the list to punish non-violent activists.

Maryland State Police have been forced to admit that they added the names of 53 death-penalty and Iraq War opponents to state and federal watch lists, in addition to listing the groups they belonged to as ‘terrorist organizations’. When pressed by state legislators to admit that they overstepped their authority, the former police superintendent, Thomas Hutchins, called the members of the groups in question “fringe people” and then offered up an anemic defense based on his mis-interpreting the clear intent of the First Amendment:

“I don’t believe the First Amendment is any guarantee to those who wish to disrupt the government…”

Either the superintendent doesn’t understand what freedom of speech and freedom of assembly mean, or he doesn’t care. I’m betting on the latter.

6 thoughts on “Not Just For Terrorists Anymore”

  1. It’s a good thing no one ever considered us to be a bunch of terrorists way back when, ’cause that would be extra ironically ironic.

    C’mon spontaneous human combustion, anytime now.

  2. America seems to be going from bad to worse. It really set in in earnest when Bush appeared. He is a malignant cancer. His supporters are worse! Buying up toxic loans is the wrong move. Americans should be getting rid of toxic politicians and fat cats.

    Come out to Australia. We have a decent Government here now and, to my knowledge, we still have a few basic rights.

  3. Hello, Kvatch.
    I would have to check on the exact wording, but a part of my union pledge is that I will not work to overthrow the government of the US or Canada.

    Not so sure about the history of the pledge or what additions occured at what time.
    But I find this relic to be rather odd.

  4. Randal… I think that my parents considered me a bit of a ‘terrorist’. Of course it was always me that was blowing up.

    Frogette… The jack-booted thugs would like a word in private…

  5. DavidG… We’d love to, but damn-it-all…can’t work, and although the wife and I are one pair of good looking amphibians it’s hard to get along on just good looks and charm.

    PT… That’s a strange thing to include in a union pledge–a holdover from the formative days of the unions, perhaps?

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