My 12 step program

Hi, my name’s Frogette and I’m a lurker. For years I’ve been hovering in the background on great blogs like Blognonymous (hi Honey!), Morning Martini, Mr. Blog, and Genius of Insanity. I hung out at the back of the room like a wall flower at a high school dance. I wasn’t sure how to approach all of you cool kid bloggers. So I waited. “My moment will come”, I thought. One day I’ll have something important to say.

Well that never happened, but I did find I have a lot of unimportant things to say. So stay tuned because I’ve done my 12 steps and I’m ready to join the party!

6 thoughts on “My 12 step program”

  1. I’m pleased you came out frogette, and I have to say no one I know can say nothing as eloquently as you can. Though the frog always gave the impression you had an endless stream of important things to say…

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