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I’m cautiously optimistic about the upcoming election.  It’s looking like Barack Obama has a commanding lead over John McCain, and states that would normally have been battlegrounds, like Pennsylvania, are now solidly in the Obama camp.  But after two, back-to-back, possibly jiggered results, little has been done to correct (read: ‘throw away’) the voting machines that could be used to steal the election.

And just in case you’re curious as to whether or not your vote is likely to be flipped for McSame, take a look at DVICE, a site that has created an interactive map of potential election stealing. Though here again, I’m cautiously optimistic. Of the 8 states that Real Clear Politics lists as ‘toss-ups’ only NV with its paltry 5 electors and IN with 11 make heavy use of ‘Diebold Flippy-vote‘ or other electronic voting systems.  Even if McSame were to also grab Virginia (now leaning toward Obama), he’d still have a very long way to go.

Of course, the sad part of this is Democrats having to bank on a commanding lead in order to overcome the twin disadvantages of GOP vote supression and potentially subverted voting equipment.

10 thoughts on “Hack This Election”

  1. I’ve also read about touch screen machines are flipping to McCain after the voter had voted for Obama.

    We went through eight years of lies and fraud from Bush and the elections that some how gave him the power to become President twice thanks to both Florida and Ohio.

    Enough is enough, and I hope that we are not going to see another President election taken away by a man who will say anything to be “King”. We already know where his loyalty is and you had better believe it’s not for the average American.

  2. Democrats having to bank on a commanding lead in order to overcome the twin disadvantages of GOP vote supression and potentially subverted voting equipment.
    Now I hear McCain is going to try and reanimate the whole Most Reverend Jeremiah White issue, which, more than likely, will be as successful as his attempt to reanimate the whole BillAyers issue, but fortunately, voters are more concerned with economic issues and will continue to see McCain as erratic and out of touch.

  3. Diva… I used to love ‘Landslide’ when I was a kid. Was that a Milton-Bradley game?

    Let’s Talk, Mr_Blog… You’re right vote flippin’ is being reported in West Virginia, but this time around, I don’t think Ohio’s going to be in play. Florida’s still a wild card.

  4. Frogatte… I think we should make a play for Diebold. We could change the name to ‘Amphibian Election Systems’.

    Lew… I head that as well, and I agree it’s not going to work. Just about every ploy McCain has tried has failed, thus far.

  5. We still use a paper ballot in North Florida. If we used electronic systems, the uninformed masses who will be voting for Obama because he’s a black man who can read a speech wouldn’t be able to understand the complexity of voting on a computer. To be honest, I’m surprised they know how to use a pencil.
    But, to be fair, even if they could use a computer, they still wouldn’t understand the issues, so it probably wouldn’t matter. Seriously, how can anyone with an ounce of intelligence believe that increasing taxes on corporations helps the economy? I don’t care if the Obama tax plan gives income tax breaks to everyone (which it doesn’t). By increasing taxes on companies, every dollar you get back from his proposed tax breaks (and more) will go toward paying the higher prices of goods and services. Do you really think the CEO of Wal-mart will accept a decrease in profits due to higher taxes? NO! Instead, Wal-mart will increase prices in the store. And, of course, they won’t be able to pay all their employees, so some will be fired, increasing unemployment. This trend will occur throughout every company in America. So, vote Obama into the White House, and watch the unemployment level soar to unprecidented heights and watch the price of everything you buy go through the roof.

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