The ‘Constitution-Free Zone’

“What,” you might ask, “…is the Constitution-free Zone?” Well, it’s the zone within 100 miles of the US border where DHS asserts they can pretty much do whatever-the-f*ck they want. And guess what, almost 200M US citizens live in this zone.

The Constitution-Free Zone

Don’t like it? Too bad. Them’s the rules, b’tches! And who made up the rules? DHS, of course!

8 thoughts on “The ‘Constitution-Free Zone’”

  1. Mark… I’m sure the people in Juneau, Maine, and Florida are the types who just love arugula! ;-)

    Randal… I’ve got the other problem: Hordes of immigrants from parts south and their love of lucha libre.

  2. Sherry… Welcome and thanks for stopping by Ragebot. Yes…Randal and I have been visiting each other’s sites for a while now, since even before I started Ragebot.

    …automatically makes you a terrorist.

    Lew …or, at the least, really freakin’ irritating.

  3. This seems like a pretty inefficient way to guard against illegal immigrants. If that’s what the government’s purpose really is, wouldn’t it be easier to ensure that employers don’t hire them? Or am I just talking through my tin-foil hat again?

  4. Abi… Having been stopped on I-10 near Fabens, TX (on my way back to school some years ago) by the fine upstanding members of the old Border Patrol, I can say with some certainty that the real reason behind such a zone has nothing at all to do with immigration and everything to do with the sheer pleasure of lording one’s authority over the rabble.

    You could stop the illegal immigration by going after the employers, but what fun would that be?

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