12 thoughts on “Kvatch’s Kommandos Ride the Rails”

  1. The hardest job I find is breaking the awesome indoctrination that Americans have received.

    That probably explains why George does as he wants because he knows the bulk of Americans won’t move against him because he’s the President and, whether he’s a complete fool or madman or not, that’s next to being God!

    The next President won’t be much better!

  2. Crackpot… Hadn’t planned on a widespread protest. Just felt that I needed to do something for the 5th anniversary of Bush’s War.

    DavidG… It would be quite something if I lived in an area where the Kommandos could actually make a difference. Hopefully the pictures will contribute to changing somebody’s mind about the f*cktard who currently occupies the White House.

  3. Station Agent… Go for it, and thanks for the link!

    Cartledge… I know, felt it was time I got off my dead ass and did something. I’ve nothing left to say on Bush’s War. So now I let the Kommandos do the talking for me.

  4. KathyR… Welcome to Ragebot.

    We’ve been doing the Kommandos thing for a couple of years now. Though I haven’t done a deployment in a while.

    Mary… Thanks so much. I’ve got some more Kommandos to deploy next week. Hold on for the pics.

  5. That strikesme as vandalism. I’m just glad you put it on public transportation where know Californian would have to see such garbage.

  6. That strikesme as vandalism.

    Pretty expansive view of vandalism you have there Nate. Wouldn’t be letting your opinion of the message influence your assessment, would you? Naw…

    …public transportation where know Californian would have to see such garbage.

    1 million daily transit riders on the SF MUNI and BART alone–exceeded only by the NY MTA–puts the lie in your nonsense. Conservatively, my Kommandos probably got about 10 to 20 thousand views. Your response? 1 …and counting.

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