Fire ‘Em First, Ask Questions Later

The article’s title is:

New federal push to fire illegal immigrants

But the Feds know this isn’t how it’s going to play out. Unions know this isn’t how it’s going to play out, and US District Judge Charles Breyer knew when he placed an injunction on DHS’ new rules for the handling of social-security “no-match” letters.

And what are these letters? These are DHS notifications sent to businesses when an employee supplied social-security number doesn’t match Social Security Administration records. Prior to DHS’ changing the rules, it was sufficient for a business to investigate the issue without fear of federal reprisals.

No more. The new rules (currently under injunction), specify that the employer has 90 + 3 days to resolve the situation with a new, verifiable, SSN. And after that? The employee must be fired for the business to avoid prosecution and imposition of fines and other penalties.

“So what’s the problem?” you might ask.  “These tactics are needed to find and eradicate illegal workers.”  Well, for starters, DHS sends out “no-match” letters all the time and many are the result of clerical errors.  Judge Breyer knew this and cited it when he imposed his injunction.   Second, DHS is rewriting the rules to get around the injunction, and third…if DHS is successful, businesses will adopt a “Fire ’em first, and ask questions later” policy just to keep the Feds off their backs.

But then…maybe this is what DHS wants. Welcome to the brave new world of employment folks.

7 thoughts on “Fire ‘Em First, Ask Questions Later”

  1. The next thing coming down is a “real i.d.” social security card with a radio chip that holds both your fingerprints and a retinal scan. I’m sorry, did that sound paranoid?

  2. We’re probably not too far away from mandatory RFID implants so the government can track us all as we enjoy our “freedom”. That sounded paranoid.

  3. “Fire them all, let DHS sort them out” would look great on a t-shirt, no? Plus the sales will help stimulate the economy.

    Man, you guys are so paranoid. This is all mad scientist, supervillain stuff. This would never happen in America!

  4. Frogette… There’s a recipe for problems. With all that information the trade in “enabled” Social Security cards will explode. Thieves won’t make you go to the ATM anymore, they’ll make you give up your SS-card.

    Lew… Time to move to Wisconsin! (Implanted RFIDs are illegal there.)

    Randal… Well, at least not in “The Decider’s” America! ;-)

  5. Hey, Kvatch, glad to see you’re still plugging along and giving them hell.

    Listen up now, Daniel has opened up Seeking Utopia again but more as a place of refuge from this crazy world. will find him should you feel the need.

    As his alter ego, I’m still giving them hell on Dangerous Creation. Hope to hear from you soon.

    You take care now!

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