Dear Mr. President

I know that you must be very busy these days picking out a suit for your inauguration, trying to figure out how to keep your girls out of public school and keep your liberal cred, and just generally spreading HOPE everywhere you go. And let’s face it after almost 2 years of campaigning you probably really need a nap. Hear me out though. Here at Casa la Rana we have some suggestions for your new administration. This is just an off the cuff wish list of things I’d like to see in the next 4 years.

  • First and foremost I want peace. Get us out of Iraq and Afghanistan and don’t even think about invading any place else for at least your first 6 months in office.
  • A federal constitutional amendment recognizing gay marriage. Frankly I’m tired of voting about this in every other California election only to have my vote overturned by outstaters.
  • Some economic stability. Stop paying those Wall Street assholes their bonuses and help the American people to stay in their homes. Oh and fire Paulson, he’s king asshole.
  • An investment and a long term strategy for alternative fuels. This could be California’s next boom. Besides it would solve so many problems!
  • Health care. Fairly distributed, decently priced and untaxed. Healthy Americans benefit everyone. They live longer, better, and are more productive.

Thanks for listening. Look, I know you’re going to do great. I mean, hell, how could you possibly be worse than that last guy?!



7 thoughts on “Dear Mr. President”

  1. Frogette,

    You made me smile and made me hopeful. Then reality kicked in. Your post to his ears, or whatever the appropriate cliche is.

  2. Fallenmonk – I’d love to hear what you’d ask for.

    Cartledge & Dave – Thanks guys. Let’s just hope he’s listening. I want an end to our dark days.

  3. I think Obama is probably listening. It’s freakin’ Pelosi and her “we’re going to govern from the center,” crap that’s going to sink things.

  4. I think it’s the other way around, Kvatch. We may get one or two things off Frogette’s list at most. Most likely they aren’t going to be peace, wealth and health.

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