Clinton, Scaife make nice – “Misspoke” about “vast right-wing conspiracy”

Senator Hillary Clinton yesterday cleared up one of the biggest misunderstandings of the last decade, when she took back her accusation that her husband’s administration was the target of a “vast right wing conspiracy.”

The subject of the infamous quote came up as the embattled Democratic presidential hopeful sat for an interview with the editorial board of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

The newspaper’s kind-hearted owner, grandfatherly Richard Mellon Scaife, spoke up. Why, he asked, had she said there was a conspiracy against her husband’s presidency?

Mortified, Clinton apologized to Scaife. “That was a very busy, stressful time,” she explained. “I was exhausted and dehydrated from my efforts to screw up health care reform and export American jobs, and as a result I misspoke.”

“I say a lot of things — millions of words a day — and I don’t mean half of them,” said Clinton. “The other half I can’t remember.”

Told by Scaife that the liberal press claims he was behind the “conspiracy,” by funding the American Spectator magazine’s “Arkansas Project” — which harried the Clintons with accusations about Whitewater, the death of aide Vince Foster, and Troopergate — Clinton said that the idea sounded like a vast left wing conspiracy.

She assured Scaife she would ask the Justice Department for a full inquiry of the liberal media, and that she would request it be led by her good friend Kenneth Starr.

In related campaign news,  Clinton communications maven Howard Wolfson said the little girl who met Hillary Clinton on the tarmac in Bosnia was a security risk. “Her bouquet had pistils in it,” Wolfson said.

2 thoughts on “Clinton, Scaife make nice – “Misspoke” about “vast right-wing conspiracy””

  1. What she needs is a good sex scandal. It’s the one thing we haven’t seen on the American political scene. I’d like to see paparazzi photos of George Clooney giving her a back rub.

  2. It’s very bizarre indeed that Hillary could go to a right wing newspaper owned by the dude who started the Arkansas project, what Hillary calls the ‘Right Wing Conspiracy’ to help get her talking points out on Rev. Wright.

    Not sure what it all means. I have a feeling that corporate interests are the common ground here.

    DLC, RNC, what’s the difference?

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