McCain Advises Americans ‘Vote Democrat’

McCain’s got his first television ad of the general election out in a number of swing states…

What must a president believe about us? About America? That she is worth protecting? That liberty is priceless? Our people, honorable? Our future, prosperous, remarkable and free? And, what must we believe about that president? What does he think? Where has he been? Has he walked the walk?

…and if there was ever a better statement of why you shouldn’t vote Republican, I haven’t seen it.

Tip ‘o the hat to Buck at Blue Herald.

8 thoughts on “McCain Advises Americans ‘Vote Democrat’”

  1. Can anyone name a single positive act the Republicans have made in the last eight years?
    Can anyone name something they have not bungled?
    Can anyone name a major media outlet that has reported on the President being booed last night… by an estimated 30,000 people?
    Why does mayonaise taste so good?

  2. Lew… Not to mention the fact that far flung deployments are the worst use of our resources–very “porous”.

    John… No truer words!

    Mr_Blog… The whole ‘Thuglican agenda is a huge organic frisbee, and what’s worse you can’t even use it to heat your double-wide.

  3. …a single positive act the Republicans have made…

    Crackpot… Uh…they got rid of Ashcroft and replaced him with–no wait… OK, they got ride of Gonzales and replaced him with–no wait… They invaded Iraq, and won a decisive victory in 2 mon–no wait… ;-)

    Kathy… “Flip-flopping”? I wish it were that simple. I think the man has sold his soul to Satan in order achieve the presidency. He’s abandoned just about everything he ever stood for.

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