Notes from the Transition – Americans adjust to life with Obama

The election of Barack Obama means change is coming. But what kind of change? In this series we check in with individuals and communities across America, and ask them: What has already changed since November 4? What changes are you still looking forward to, and how are you getting ready?

Part 1 in a series

(Anchorage) The 2008 election proved to be a boon for the Alaska economy, with 50,000 new construction jobs created at the home of Senator Ted Stevens. “Business has never been better,” said unlicensed plumbing contractor Moe Murzelshmacher. “And it turns out I’ll get a tax cut next year, even though I’m going to be making $75,000,” he said.
      “Change is pretty sweet,” Murzelshmacher said.

(San Anselmo, CA) Sam Rafael was shocked when his wife of 15 years filed for divorce on November 12. “I thought the passage of Proposition 8 was supposed to protect our traditional marriage,” says a bewildered Rafael, 46, a country club manager.
      “I should have just stayed home on election day. Change is so gay,” Rafael said.

Rossi, wearing official badge of office

(Seattle) Dino Rossi is preparing for his second term as Washington State Shadow Governor. It is a ceremonial position that mostly involves being foodtaster for Governor Chris Gregoire, and filling in for her at ribbon cuttings and elementary school play premieres. After four years he is nearly comfortable with The Beatles’ “I’m a Loser” being played whenever he appears at an official function. In his spare time Rossi hangs around pharmacies challenging birth control prescriptions, and is writing an outline for a planned second book. It will be sold through a new foundation to benefit his next unsuccessful run for Governor.

(Wasilla) Sarah Palin, a stay at home governor, is hoping an Obama presidency will be an era of professional development for herself. Palin is planning to use the next four years getting more government experience, telecommuting to Juneau from a home in Washington, DC. She’ll be able to see the Capitol from the six bedroom colonial, Palin says, which will give her Congressional experience.

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