5 thoughts on “Leading Surveillance Societies”

  1. I find the Australian listing curious, but then perhaps I’m just not aware I’m being watched. Hate to think of the poor bastard slowly expiring from boredom…

  2. Yeah, but if you haven’t done anything wrong you have nothing to worry about. Unless of course the NSA wants to listen in on your business calls and sell the ‘take’ to your competitor.

    But of course, that would never happen, right? Because they recruit the same kind of people to work in the NSA, CIA, and all the rest of those alphabet soup organizations as they do to work for Blackwater, KBR, Halliburton and the Republican party. We all know how trustworthy they are.

    Thank Gawd I’m up in unsurveilled Canada. What are they going to find out by tapping my phone anyway, that my snow machine needs new spark plugs?

  3. Cartledge… I was sort of surprised by Australia as well. I do tend to take note of CCTVs when I see them, and I didn’t get the impression on my one visit to your fair country that there was overly much surveillance.

    Frogette… You know…you’re right! LOL. Maybe we’ll be invaded by ‘Gremlins from the Kremlin’!

  4. SBT… Having worked closely (in a past life) with some of those three letter agencies, I can say that at least the NSA people that I knew were very ‘salt of the earth’ types who would have been appalled at what’s become of that agency. Some of the other agencies? Not so much.

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