Bush legacy caught in massage parlor sting

(Washington) President Bush’s legacy suffered a setback last night, when undercover sheriff’s deputies arrested it in a massage parlor sting in suburban Washington.

The Prince Georges County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that the president’s legacy was among those netted in a vice investigation at the Brit & Charlie’s Spin Palace in Landover.

This morning the White House said the Bush legacy had only been looking for an innocent little massage. “Every president’s legacy needs a little massaging by the end of his term in office, he’s earned it,” said press secretary Dana Perino.

However, the official arrest report indicates the president’s legacy was expecting something more than a back adjustment. “Suspect tried to grope for excuses about pre-war intel, then asked the undercover officer to dress up lies in a fantasy roleplaying scenario,” describes the report.

The arresting officer wrote that the Bush legacy then offered her $500 to screw the historical record, at which point she identified herself as a police officer.

The legacy was booked into the Prince Georges Department of Corrections on investigation of soliciting for a presidential library, and was released on its own recognizance.

7 thoughts on “Bush legacy caught in massage parlor sting”

  1. DAng, and I thought his legacy was up on EBay!. I was told the bidding was up to 2 cents at last check. That being a thinly disguised Laura who, well just wanted to save hubby the embarassment of the month old listing being returned as Unsold! I guess it snuck off to your massage parlor when I wasn’t looking.

  2. I wonder if the legacy is going to move with the Bushes to that swank estate they just purchased north of Dallas? Gonna be a might harder to find a good massage parlor there, I think.

  3. Everyone’s already been through it: you find yourself driving by a certain a part of town most likely the sign to get a “Massage Parlor” or “Asian Spa” in a very spot it does not obligate a restorative massage parlor or employ a individual Asian someone living nearby, and ultizing your own Russell-Crowe-like mind you cracked this kind of signal and study the indication because it had been designed to get read – a naughty moment. Instantaneously your mind is overloaded with emotions: “How much would this form of thing charges me?” “What do I get?” “Is actually this illegal?” “Are these folks almost all Asian?”.Yet Don’t trouble yourself. It is economical good and comforting. I have had very few encounters and this normally happen to be fantastic

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