Football destroys joys of winter

They call it ‘thugby’ here, rugby league that is. But Australia does even better with four major football codes. The point is try as you might, avoid televised games and certainly the real thing, the level of controversy and thuggery ensures the subject tedious amounts of mental intrusion.

Even avoiding all media does not immune you from football thuggery, or general sports thuggery these days. It spills onto the streets, into the neighbourhood into the apartment next door. Jocks and wannabees, (these days of both genders) are easily excited by the increasing violence in sports, even non contact sports.

For some reason, well I guess you don’t need to be a brain surgeon; thugby is even driving a resurgence in boxing, dubious activity that should have been banned decades ago. This whole aggressive bundle is being lapped up by an increasingly angry society; communities where rage seems to bubble just below the surface.

I’m even informed that weekend games with schoolchildren violence is encouraged from the sidelines and opposing parents segregated to stop them from rioting. We really don’t need our current crop of sporting role models; society seems to be in enough mess without encouragement.

The behaviour of sports stars and pop culture figures should be ringing alarm bells, serious alarm bells. They are glorifying behaviour patterns we should be rejecting rather than embracing. I can still recall a time when an embrace was preferable to a violent beating.

7 thoughts on “Football destroys joys of winter”

  1. Here in America we hire undereducated pretty boys, throw money and women at them and eventually put them in front of Congress to explain their bad behavior. Well, that or we give ’em a book deal.

  2. Wise, LOL, that sounds right.

    Frogette, I was thinking these things were fairly stadard around the world.

    Lew, but what does it measure? :(

  3. Ironic… I always considered rugby a more civilized sport than the American ‘oblate spheriod’ variety. Let’s fact it, when you’re wearing 15 or 20 lbs of body-armor, your foes are tempted to hit you with much more zeal. Rugby may cause bruises, blood spilt (a bit, at least), but nobody dies. Right?

  4. BB, they added the rules, but they haven’t put them in an accessible format yet. These guys get frustrated when they have to try and read.

    kvatch, death, permanent disability? sure, and that’s on the off field fun. There is an attitude of violence through all the major codes, but then it seems to be showing up in the strangest sports of late.

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