11 thoughts on “Well… My Holiday Is Ruined”

  1. Between this and the cats meowing to The Nutcracker Suite over at Brilliant at Breakfast, I just don’t know what the holidays are coming to….LOL!

  2. What were they on when they made it I wonder?

    Frogette… What else? Clean coal!

    Mauigirl… ‘Cats meowing The Nutcracker Suite’? Oh now I have to go and look. Thanks alot! ;-)

  3. Ishmael… Welcome to Ragebot. You know it’s certainly a war on something: Taste? Sanity?

    I see you gave up on putting the clothes on them too.

    Dave… I suppose the full naked, horrific, anticipation of what I was about to see probably made me a little hasty in clicking through the screens.

  4. I don’t know why they even bother with trying to sell something like this to the public. If the powers that be decide that America is going to have coal-fired generators, then coal-fired generators ye shall have. In America decisions like that are made in corporate boardrooms, and the memos arrive on legislator’s desk as if by magic.

  5. Other industries are going to get in on the fun too:

    Adult Beverages: The Intoxication-Free Alcohol Carolers
    Tobacco: Non-addictive Nicotine Hymn-Singers
    Chemicals: The Safe Toxics Holiday Quintet
    Real Estate: The Green Sprawl Music Experience
    Waste Management: The Clean Sewage Chorus

  6. SBT… Does boggle the mind doesn’t it. I’m still freaked out by the fact that some idiot ad firm came up with this mess.

    WINS… and…

    Porn: Naked Holiday Bell Choir
    NRA: Legally Protected Assault Weapon Singers
    RNC: Permanent Minority Chorus


  7. Pathetic. It’s the kind of thing I would have expected to see produced in the 50s by the USSR or China. And it’s right up (down?) there with the old ads from the tobacco industry saying cigarettes are “Just what the doctor ordered” (from an L&M ad) or some such.

    I thought society outgrew this kind of thing. I guess not.

  8. Abi… LOL! You are so right on that comparison to the old tobacco industry ads with the doctors, though I think that those old ads were done with much more style.

    The ‘clean-coal’ thing was cringe-worthy.

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