Teacher Fired For Blowing Lid Off Christmas Cover Up

Attention Children Seven and Under: Christmas Spoiler Alert!

Being a sustitute teacher is tough. I avoided the job, in part, because I saw what the gig did to a friend of mine. So, it wasn’t surprising when I read this article in the Daily Mail about a sub who lost it and told her entire class that Santa Claus did not exist. She screamed at them, “It’s your parents who leave out presents on Christmas Day.”

So heinous was this crime, the school will not have the sub back and the Daily mail wouldn’t put her name in the story, I presume for her own good.

This woman is no villain, in fact, she’s a hero. She had the courage to tell little children that their parents were screwing with their minds. Who knows what kind of chain reaction this could have started. I say “could have started” because whatever truth this whistleblowing sub imparted to her former students has been reversed by yet another clever ruse perpetuated by these children’s lying parents.

You see, in order to preserve the magic of Christmas, one of the kid’s parents told all the others how to put Pandora back in the box. “We told him that she did not believe in Father Christmas because of her religion and he’s fine now.”

While they’re at it, they should tell the kids that their wicked former Sub had burned at the stake so they wouldn’t have to worry about her wicked spells turning them into worms or frogs on All Hallow’s Eve.

4 thoughts on “Teacher Fired For Blowing Lid Off Christmas Cover Up”

  1. At least she didn’t tell the little ankle biters that God doesn’t exist. That would probably have gotten her fired, tarred and feathered, then burned at the stake. I swear that America is trying to revert to the 17th. century. With the transfer of wealth that’s gone on in the last eight years (and especially in just the last eight weeks) they’re well on their way to bringing feudalism back.

  2. “he did not believe in Father Christmas because of her religion” this one always has me wondering – coca-cola, maddison avenue or maybe the Salvation Army Xmas Santas.

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