Plans unveiled for Bush Monument – Architect envisions 300 ft. tall set of shiny keys

A fundraising committee has announced plans for a monument to George W. Bush to be constructed after he leaves office in January 2009.

The group, Our President’s Edifice Committee (OPEC), earlier this year retained the reknowned architect Maya Lin to work on the $120 million monument, and gave her complete artistic control.

Lin, designer of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, has created a concept she says sums up the Bush presidency: a giant set of shiny keys.

Bush Monument
(Artist conception)

To be 300 ft. tall, the Bush Monument will be constructed out of concrete, marble and stainless steel. “On a clear day, the sun will reflect off the keys,” Lin said. “When the wind blows they will make a jingling sound, attracting the eyes upward. Away from worldly distractions at ground-level.”

“Keys are a metaphor that perfectly captures the last eight years,” said Lin. “In the same way that shiny, jingling keys are used to distract children and animals, so too has President Bush spent much time trying to save us from worry about the many serious problems facing our nation.”

Although sources say opinion within OPEC is divided over Lin’s concept, her design must go forward as planned. Lin’s original contract was routed through the Defense Department, is no-bid, and guaranteed.

In related news, the Internal Revenue Service’s Sarcasm Unit has launched an investigation into designers of national monuments.

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  1. The GAO is on record saying the project is already over budget. When approached for a comment, Bush said, “What? Oh, that’s Congress’ fault.”

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