Driving the highway culture

Gettin high
Gettin high
Despite starting out my working life in the auto industry I’ve never been a motoring enthusiast. Probably why I can still be surprised by what others seem to understand as ordinary.

Like when I first visited North America and pulled up behind a Dodge Ram. “Is that a brand name or an instruction?” was my oh so whimsical observation. The others gave me that pitying look normally reserved for Australians.

I got that look again the other day, chatting with a pair of long haul truck drivers. The topic was the increase in truck related accidents, “because governments are now enforcing stiffer drug testing on drivers…” Or so they informed me.

“Wouldn’t go out on the highway unless I was sure the other truckies were on speed, far too dangerous…” So the conversation went. It seems a truck driver, not to mention highway patrol according to this pair, can’t operate to schedule without chemical assistance.

So I’m still working this new information through my head, but will happily dodge being rammed on any highways. I’m now wondering if rail operators or pilots require substances to get their job done.

4 thoughts on “Driving the highway culture”

  1. While driving to work on Friday, during a winter storm, I was repeatedly forced off the road on to the rumble strips by Dodge Ram drivers and long haul truckers. No wonder they think they own the road, it must be all that drug abuse.

  2. Early on in the Afghanistan war an F-16 pilot unloaded a 500-lb. smart bomb on a formation of Canadian infantry, killing four of them and injuring four more. This was after REPEATED instructions to Return to Base. The way I saw it he should have been charged with at least four counts of manslaughter if not homicide.

    The case was dealt with by the US military in an ‘administrative’ manner, avoiding any court martial. The pilot lost a couple of weeks pay. The reason given for the leniency was that the Air Force had given the pilot speed before the flight, and had he refused it he may have been taken off the duty roster. At about the same time the US government was pushing very hard to put Canadian marijuana activist Marc Emery away for life for selling seeds over the internet.

    That’s seriously ƒµ¢€ed up, and I blogged about it at the time, one of my very first posts. Drugs, War, and Hypocrisy

    Cool, the little letter grouping I have to type to post the comment reads: v65ka. With the 65 rendered in a kind of abstract way it looks like vodka.

  3. Lew, I will be releasing my ‘safe car’ in the new year, called the “Duck – Weave”. A major design initiative will be a tread configuration which negates the rumble strip. For safety reasons the coffee holder and speed dispenser will be dispensed with.

    SBT. I recall the incident, but forgot the speed bit. The part stuck in my memory was the pilot being a National Guardsman. The hypocrisy through systems is mind blowing enough without the need for additional substances. If I were sensitive I would feel vilified as a smoker. Now it seems we all need to be on stronger substances just to survive.

    “v65ka” Just another substance…

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