To This We Have Been Reduced – Incarceration By Choice

DetroitThe Associated Press reports that in Michigan, recently released ex-convicts are immediately committing new crimes that will get them thrown back in jail rather than face homelessness, joblessness, and hunger.  Many seem to have concluded that three hot meals a day, a bed, heat, and health care are more attractive than life on the streets.

No doubt the Prison Industrial Complex will take this as an opportunity to further enrich themselves.  All they need to do is undermine a few key labor-intensive industries, and additional millions may find jail to be their best alternative.

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10 thoughts on “To This We Have Been Reduced – Incarceration By Choice”

  1. Just another very good reason to rethink our position as the number one ‘imprisoner’ of our fellow citizens in the world. As you say it is a sorry state of affairs when prison is a better choice than freedom and that the opportunities outside of prison have so little to offer.

  2. Most have correctly concluded that three hot meals a day, a bed, heat, and health care are a better alternative than facing life on the streets.

    …not to mention a boyfriend

  3. Fallenmonk… We’re not only the “number one ‘imprisoner’,” we incarcerate a larger percentage of our population than any nation in history.

    Frogette… “Looking for love in all the wrong places”?

  4. Mixter… Indeed! Prison, the military, or being a greeter at Walmart.

    Randal… True! ;-) But what do you call it when people commit crimes to get a better handout from the government than they could otherwise obtain?

  5. Kvatch…

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and all your loved ones.

    May the New Year be filled with nothing but love and joy for you and yours.

    God Bless.

  6. I took it for granted, from the Aust experience, that gaol was just a revolving door for some. What I can’t work out is why both sides haven’t simply accepted the reality; some need the institution.

  7. We used to be a great nation, or at least, we once had reason to have that opinion of ourselves. The question in the minds of some was once, “What happens when we wake up from our dream?” As for me, for nearly two decades, I’ve wondered how the ancient Romans felt in the years leading up to the collapse of their empire. Did they see the cracks forming in their empire? Did they see the support beams of their society rotting beneath them? Were they aware of the slow erosion of their greatness? Sure, they had their bread and circuses, but entertainment did not destroy their empire. It was an excessive fondness for it that was merely a symptom, not a cause, of their descent into decay.

    I look at America now, and I see Rome during the Severan dynasty. I can only hope I’m wrong, given this period led to the eventual splitting of the Roman Empire and the fall of the Western Roman Empire. Will we get a Diocletian? Would that be better than the fate that would otherwise befall us? These are not questions I like to ask, but they are questions I must ask, because our current reality is so bleak.

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