The compleat hedonist or Xmas was a cracker

When it comes to Christmas downunder you can forget bout hazy religious notions, of old world traditions. This strange land is evolving its own excuse for a hedonistic holiday. Start with a champagne/BBQ breakfast – well two of us had champagne, the rest opting for various other early morning poisons.

It was a strange lineup as well; a Japanese chef, an Aussie brick layer, an middle eastern electrical engineer (forgoing booze because he was responsible for monitoring the power supply for the north of the state this auspicious day), a bevy of children and other assorted humans.

During the well lubricated discussion the Japanese chef expressed his delight and wonder at the way Australia accepts immigrants from all over. “Yeah,” the bricklayer said, “bloody immigration will kill this country!” Neither seemed to actually hear the other and the goodwill flowed on.

Lunch, down by the beach, was another hedonistic treat – table laden with a united nations of salads, fresh local sea food and a few cold slices of dead animal. This arrangement has evolved as the least intrusive on the free flow of conversation and booze – both during prep and consumption.

So back home, numb from feast and an unlikely cab-shiraz-merlot, the out of town calls began. Despite children ebbing and flowing throughout the day they were now to star. Given the legendary fecund nature of the family news of another grand-nephew was hardly surprising.

It was the second call from my Punjabi friends now living in Adelaide. “It’s a girl,” Singh shouted. “I want to call her Harry, but they insist on a traditional name. No worries,” he added. “We can call her Harry. Now I need another beer…” Like the unlikely cab-shiraz-merlot blend the unlikely cultural blend was wonderfully intoxicating and satisfying. Christmas is evolving.

5 thoughts on “The compleat hedonist or Xmas was a cracker”

  1. Christmas isn’t all that much of a boozy holiday for us folks up in the northern half – at least not on Christmas morning. Religion really doesn’t play much of a part either, tho we like to think it does. With us, it’s mainly about the redistribution of junk.

  2. Religion really doesn’t play much of a part either, tho we like to think it does.

    Not so much religion here either. My amphibian relations are here with us this holiday and about the only “religious” thing we did was to head across the Bay to take a peek at the new cathedral in Oakland—beautiful building!

    I will say one thing though on the subject of gifts: The Frogette and I have now got everyone on board with the notion of “Eat it, drink it, spend it, attend it.” In other words, if you can’t consume it, we probably don’t need it. Makes for very satisfactory gift-giving, I think.

  3. Abi, Kvatch – boozism must be too important here. My elderly landlord just told me when they wished him merry xmas he said “bugger that, I get merry every day, I’m getting pissed for xmas…”

    No Blood, thanks heaps… I’ll post something in a few days.

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