Govs gone wild?

The bailout frenzy has finally become just plain ridiculous. It came out on that Larry Flynt the Hustler magnet and Joe Francis of Girls Gone Wild fame have asked for a “Porn Bailout”. That’s right. Apparently there has been a ‘downturn’ in viewers of elicit online material. Personally I blame the internet. I mean why pay for the cow when you get the milk for free? Or as we girls like to say, why buy the whole pig when all you want is a little sausage?

5 thoughts on “Govs gone wild?”

  1. I don’t like sausages, but then I’m not a girl… Mind you, I find there are some crucial elements missing in porn presentation. If you can’t touch it etc., and I don’t mean paper! Nah, let it choke to death on its own shortcomings.

  2. I’ve always said, “Invest in vice. You can’t go wrong with porn, alcohol, cigarettes, etc…” Guess I’ll need to rebalance that retirement portfolio.

  3. Cartledge – No mercy huh? Let ’em die.

    SbT – Eww!

    Randall – I think you need to ask not what the porn industry can do you for, but what YOU can do for the porn industry.

    Kvatch – I’m invested in smut?! Oh no you didn’t…

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