Gulf of Aden decended upon by treasure hunters

Yes it was reported this weekend that 5 Somali pirates drowned in the Gulf with their share of the $3 million booty paid by the Saudis for their oil tanker the Sirius Star. I’m still having a hard time though imagining how a group of unruly guys in a Zodiac, who CAN’T SWIM, managed to take over a ship the size of several football fields. The captain saw them coming and he and the crew just threw up their hands? I mean for the pirates to even board them would mean climbing the side of a supertanker. Kvatch and I were cracking each other up imagining scenarios for repelling the pirates. Only recently, a cruise ship captain evaded them using nothing but a “sonic weapon”. So you see a bunch of guys hauling ass out to your big old ship in a Zodiac. They look kind of fearsome, you’re thinking pirate attack. Do you (a) turn the ship and run them down?; (b) Run to the opposite side of the deck and basically play “keep away with the crew” until the pirates get tired and give up?; or (c) HIDE. It’s a big ship man, there have got to be some cubbyholes or an engine room you could hide in. Here’s a thought guys, it’s a Zodiac, why not use a harpoon to shoot a hole in it and sink it?

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