Australia suffers president envy

Great news downunder, there is a growing wave of support for ditching the ‘German’ housefrau, Queen Elizabeth II. Having a foreign, or even multi foreign, head of state makes a bit of a joke out of any sort of national identity.

But Aussies are waking up to this like Rip Van Winkle arising from his slumber. We have been watching the presidential primaries and comparing it to our last major federal outing. Rudd is no doubt the boring leader we need, but oh how we miss the robust debate of the past.

Every Aussie knows we could outdo the lame, insult ridden show from Hills and Barrack. We can remember like yesterday the sort of language that made our politics a spectacle to be proud of…

Try this lot from former PM Keating:

On John Howard, “He is the greatest job and investment destroyer since the bubonic plague.” or “What we have got is a dead carcass, swinging in the breeze, but nobody will cut it down to replace him.”

On the media, “…Fucking animals.” Or “…will be lucky to get a job cleaning shithouses if I ever become Prime Minister.”

I think the great Australian unwashed is hanging out for a presidential campaign between any number of Liberals and Paul Keating. Yes we have president envy, especially when we know we can do it so much better. We could have the best of both worlds, nice Mr Rudd and an absolute bastard for president.

8 thoughts on “Australia suffers president envy”

  1. I’m sure the trash mags will still treat these tweps as celebs, even if we do dump them from our constitution. Important thing that, obviously there are lots of people can only make there living producing checkout fodder.

  2. We could have the best of both worlds, nice Mr Rudd and an absolute bastard for president.

    Well at least there’s a precedent. The former/future Soviet Union has both a PM and a president. Gives ’em a chance to shuffle the deck chairs occasionally.

  3. Well if Frogette can still claim some sort of affection for the frog who am I to argue? SOME OF US DON”T WANT A BLOODY ELECTED PRESIDENT. WE JUST WANT TO TELL THE BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY TO PISS OFF!
    Oooops sorry for yelling ;)

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