When words and censors fail

Australia is undergoing a miraculous transformation, from narrow and restrictive to open and inclusive government. It is refreshing, but not without an even more restrictive aftertaste.

Blame our particular brand of democracy, the new government must work with the old conservative Senate until July, then the new Senate is sworn in. As the numbers go, the new Senate will be controlled by a one man party, ‘Family First’.

While the rest of the country is tying to rebuild from the conservative left overs, an ultra conservative has told the government his support depends on their introducing censorship to our robust TV culture. He doesn’t like shows like Big Brother or ones that use that Anglo Saxon language we are generally becoming so used to.

Holy rocking horse shit Batman, I find the lazy overuse of a few words offensive, but only because I’d like to know which particular ‘effing c’ being referred to, or any of the others specifics these two useful words are substituted for.

Well not only that, I happen to have an appreciation of female pudenda and sexual congress, and don’t see how or why the words should be used as lazy insults; and I like to think I reserve the Anglo Saxon for use in context.

Which is why, unlike this highly offended Senator, I simply refuse to watch the shows that upset him so much. Think about this, his main supporter asserts: “I don’t object to nudity, you can’t hear that.” Or “What if the kids need to go to the bathroom at night and hear that language?”

For Christ sake, why is he watching it anyway, if he objects to his kids hearing the language. But more to the point, we have more to achieve than censoring potty mouths. I will really become an activist if this unrepresentative swine attempts to divert the real tasks ahead of my country.

3 thoughts on “When words and censors fail”

  1. I know I should feel bad that other nations have to deal with public prudes of this ilk (and other forms of conservative idiocy), but I’d be lying if I didn’t say it’s nice that America isn’t the only country whose government takes big bites of the moron sandwich from time to time. ;-)

    Oh shit, I hope my kids can’t detect what bad words I’m typing.

  2. I think you hit closer to home than you realize with the description of ‘that Anglo Saxon language.’ Historically the prohibition of certain words parallels the efforts of Christianity, Roman Catholicism in particular, to suppress native languages when Europeans were conquering North America.

    Centuries earlier Mother Church was trying to suppress the influence of Germanic-rooted languages in favor of Latin and its Romantic relatives in the British Isles. So a native, vernacular word like fuck was forbidden, but its Latinate equivalent intercourse was and is OK.

    It was not so much about the act being described, but the root language of expression that was found (by the Latin speaking church elders) to be offensive.

  3. Randal, enjoy the knowledge that others have to suffer too. But you better not type shit!

    SBT, yup, good old Anglo Saxon,if you really want to annoy me just say ‘pardon my French!’ Chaucer and Burns (not the comedy duo) had no problem using the language effectively. Shakespeare was a bit more circumspect, adopting contrived synonyms like qwaint.
    My heritage is Anglo Saxon and I have a great respect for the direct, blunt sounds of the language (early English. The offensive part is using otherwise laudable situations as insults, we are a twisted animal.

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