Florida legislature debates ban on car foreskins

(WINS is reporting today from the Green My Ride event in Seattle)

Florida state senator Guy Phinney has introduced a bill in the state senate to ban the display of replica foreskins on cars.

“I always thought they were called ‘bras,’ said Phinney, a Republican from Talahassee.

“When Sen. Carey Baker introduced his bill to ban replica bull testicles hanging from cars, it hit me like an epiphany — they’re foreskins, not bras.”

Phinney went on to say that he used to get into accidents because he was always staring at the bras. “The realization I had been staring at foreskins all those years was freaky, uncomfortable, and caused me to question my own masculinity,” he said.

If it becomes law, Phinney’s bill would declare the novelty foreskins to be offensive to the sensibilities of people who tend to be easily offended.

A provision of the bill, Sec. 36 DD, would mandate really large, non-saggy headlights on all Florida cars by 2025.

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  1. I have word from a couple of Aussie senators who want your blog banned. They claim that children might be incited to excitement at the thought of vehicles so attired.

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