Inaugural observations – “No more cracker white guys”

As I watched the inauguration I noticed the networks cutting away again and again to show all of the 43 presidents who have preceded Barack Obama. Crusty old white guys. All of them. Sure as he was sworn in Obama was surrounded by fat, florid, white men, but to me that just made him stand out more. One of these things is not like the others, and I couldn’t be more proud. Finally a president who represents the real America. He’s the immigrant dream, the melting pot. I’m glad to finally see a little diversity. As Catherine would say, “Change is good”.

5 thoughts on “Inaugural observations – “No more cracker white guys””

  1. Hey! Diversity is my second name. Well it would have been if my parents weren’t so narrow in thinking. Now it’s a story about willingness up and down the ladder.

  2. Fat white guys indeed! Obama is scary slim, and I can only wish that more of America looked like him.

    I can just see the ads:

    “The Presidential Diet! Now you too can be as trim as President Obama. Just $39.95 plus shipping! ACT NOW-Now-now-now-now-now!”

  3. Cartledge – So does that make “Diversity” your Christian name? ;-P

    Kvatch – I think we should call it “The Presidential Cleanse”. Besides we all know American’s Biggest Loser is Bush.

  4. Frogette, I think you have seen elsewhere that I have serious mac envy. Now Froggy tells me that signal a tendency to godless liberalism. Regardless, I doubt I would actually accept having a ‘Christian’ name. :) I know there are some names in the mix that I still blush at, but I always respond to ‘another drink?’

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