Hobbits aren’t real – really…

Hobbit headI’m not talking about those Tolkien critters, I know they are real. On a flight to LA we went to close to New Zealand and were infected. The rest of the decade long flight the plane’s million or so TV monitors had the little buggers running around non-stop.

The ones I mean are also called Homo floresiensis, supposedly a new species of human that died out just 12,000 years ago. Nine skeletons found on the Indonesian island of Flores, but some scientists say they aren’t a new species at all but a dwarf form of Homo sapiens with a disease such as microcephaly.

One researcher says they could be just 40 old, worn teeth, particularly on one of the molars, indicate the use of modern technology:
“I have a hypothetical explanation … a filling. I know it is shocking, but none of us looked at [the specimen] to see tooth fillings as this seemed incongruous with the purported antiquity of the specimen.”

I know scientist get a charge out of arguing these things, and probably lots of research grants. But I just have one problem; we were told at one stage these little guys lived on a diet which included rats. What kind of dentist is going to poke around the mouth of a rat eating dwarf?

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