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Hippy chick

I’ve had an epiphany recently that I feel compelled to share. I’m a mid-lifer. I’ve spent 20 years building my career, life and a great marriage to the Frog. However, about 2 years ago I was suffering. My passion for my job had simply evaporated, and I was lost for where to go from there. When you’ve been in the same profession for half your life, change seems daunting.

The good news is, it’s really not. It’s enlivening, energizing and in the end will add 10 years to your life. I decided after years of contemplation that it was time to stop playing it safe and take a risk. A big risk. I quit my job, started my own company and completely changed myself. I went from being a suit wearing, high heeled, high maintenance woman to a jeans and t-shirt, long haired hippy girl. I no longer wear make-up, nylons or heels. I found to my astonishment that I hate them all. And I hear all the time, “You look great. What’s your secret?!”

It’s really simple, I love my life. I love that the Frog, who is cautious by nature, said “Go for it!” when I wanted to start working on my own. I love that I don’t live in a cubicle farm anymore. No more overhead TMI phone conversations, infectious diseases and office politics. I love that when I finish a project there’s no one to share credit with. What I think I’m getting at here is that if you have a dream, follow it. Don’t sell the t.v. and just run after it. Be prepared ~ pay off your debts, save some money, and learn how to live in last year’s clothes. But don’t be afraid. It’s wonderful out here on the edge!

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  1. Congratulations, I’m really happy that you’re happy. It’s great not having to worry about the petty details (makeup, fancy clothes, etc.) of the working world.

    I got turned down for a really good job last week because I was too old. They didn’t say that, but it was pretty obvious.

    I know what it is that I don’t want to do (put up with bullshit), if only I knew what I wanted to do… I could be just like you. :)

  2. SA & WINWS – Thanks guys!

    Deb – It sounds totally hokey, but I think happiness makes you more lovely than any make-up or accessory can. :-) Sucks about the job. Class action lawsuit? I’m sure you’ll find your niche just like I did. Blogger extraordinaire perhaps? I could totally see that.

    Kvatch – Yes honey, I quit my job. Remember…we talked about this..
    just breathe ;-)

  3. Cartledge – I know! Must be the California influence. I told the Frog if I put on a pair of Birkenstocks to stage an intervention.

  4. Randal – I’m a very clean hippy. I shower every day. Maybe I should have chosen the term “bohemian”, whatever that means. :-)

  5. Hello, Frogette.
    Actually, Bohemia is an area in the Czech Republic that is known for its hops, the Saaz. One of the true noble hops, supposedly the best in the world.
    I’ve tried that Pilsner Urquell, and I find it to be over-hopped.

    You’re cool.

    I will never go hippie (again) myself.
    I’m waiting for the beatniks to come back.
    I have a really nice goatee inside of me, just waiting to come out…

  6. Thanks PT. I wouldn’t mind being associated with the place that spawned good hops. There are worse things that could be said about me. :-) I’ll be looking forward to pix of that goatee!

  7. Frogette, thanks for the inspiration. I’m looking to move on, too. I’m an systems auditor which isn’t a bad profession at all, but it’s having a corroding effect on me.

  8. Spartacus – I’m glad to hear it. If I can help just one person exit corporate Hell, my work is done here. Wishing you all the best!

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