Blogs Against Kleptocracy – Fire The Ones Who Won’t Be Silenced

Should have blogged about this last Friday but didn’t. So thanks to Abi @ 604 for reminding me.

EPAMary Gade was the head of the EPA’s Midwest Regional Office, and since 2006 when she was appointed by the Bush Administration she’s locked horns with Dow Chemical over cleanup of dioxin contaminated sediment in Lake Huron and Saginaw Bay. She’s invoked EPA emergency powers to force Dow to clean up three highly contaminated sites near its Midland plant, and last November she called for additional dredging after tests found dioxin levels of 1.6 PPT in a Saginaw park, the highest concentration ever recorded.

But last week, Gade resigned after being stripped of her authority by aides to EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson who told her that, if she did not resign by June 1st, she would be fired.

First rule of a Corporate Kleptocracy:

Remove regulations on, curtail oversight of, and block corrective action against predatory industries.

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10 thoughts on “Blogs Against Kleptocracy – Fire The Ones Who Won’t Be Silenced”

  1. I’m getting that strange feeling that former AG Alberto Gonzalez is somewhere nearby. Wasn’t this the same back-off-or-resign ultimatum given to all those Assistant AGs not long ago? I’m just saying…This is par for the course for this regime.

  2. The bush regime works under a precedent established by Richard M Nixon, if I recall properly. My understanding was that ‘if the President, and by extension his administration, does it it is legal.
    Tricky Dicky never bothered to argue moral or ethical, which suggests those are not issues pertinent to the office.

  3. I just finished reading that Dow dumped dioxin-saturated soil and sediment that extends 50 miles beyond its Midland, Mich., plant into Saginaw Bay and Lake Huron. The company dumped the highly toxic and persistent chemical into local rivers for most of the last century.

    I guess we had better never fish there huh? This is the Bush Administration at its best!

  4. Frogette… “Farking Bastages!” ;-)

    Beltway B@stard…

    Yesterday without much flair
    Mary Gade resigned her chair
    She wasn’t there as of today
    A refugee of E-P-A.

  5. Cartledge… Bu$hCo seems to have a different tack: We say the world is thus, and so it is. Tricky Dick simply said nothing.

    Let’s Talk… I think that Bu$hCo did the math and found out that the amount it would take to clean up the mess would bankrupt Dow. Since firing Gade was easy compared to say…bailing out Bear Stearns…

    Spartacus… Maybe that’s the job Gonzales got after being canned by Bu$hCo…council to EPA.

  6. I gotta get me one of them jobs. Of course by the time the paper work cleared there may actually be a Democratic President in office…which may mean I’d have to actually do my job.

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