GOP’s new idea man – Unveils Joe The Plumber’s new brand strategy

When new Republican National Committee leader Michael Steele told ABC “This Week” host George Steffigraffilos, “I’m not going to wait for them to come to me, I’m going to take it to them,” in response to an FBI investigation into whether Steele improperly diverted more than $37,000 in campaign funds to his sister, he was employing a new damage control technique created by Samuel Joseph “Joe The Plumber” Wurzelbacher.

“Joe calls that tactic ‘Republicans Deliver’,” explained a source close to the RNC who wished to remain anonymous.

“Meaning, like, deliver. Take it to ’em — you know? Look ’em in the eye when they’ve got you cornered. Kick ass.”

The source said Wurzelbacher came up with a number of fresh ideas for the minority party on Feb. 3, when he went to Washington DC at the invitation of the Conservative Working Group. The CWG is an organization of formerly influential Capitol Hill staffers, who now serve as gofers “and need stuff to do,” according to CWG member Morley Frandle.

“We peppered him with questions all day, and he came up great stuff on damage control, economic stimulus, foreign policy, and image rebranding,” said Frandle.

Frandle recalled what happened when Steele heard about what CWG was up to. “He sat in with us, he’s a huge Joe fan. He loved the stuff Joe gave him about standing up to the Obama administration — accept Obama’s invitations to White House parties, drink his booze, then don’t give him a single vote. Brilliant, in-your-face kinds of stuff that’s going to save the country from socialism,” said Frandle.

GOP leaders in Congress would not confirm today if their legislative strategy came from Wurzelbacher. Likewise, Steele’s office would not confirm his use of ‘Republicans Deliver.’

However, Frandle said Republicans have focus group tested a number of Wurzelbacher-authored advertising concepts. The slogan participants chose to lead the GOP into the 2010 elections is: ‘Republicran — It’s Republican plus the great taste of cranberry! Now with Twice the R!’

The ‘Republicran’ ad campaign is expected to hit TV, radio and the internet later this year.

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