Clinton says more to gas plan than tax holiday – ‘Elites drive hybrids,’ says Dem underdog

Hillary Rodham Clinton yesterday responded to criticisms that her plan to deal with high gas prices rests solely on a summer gas tax holiday, calling the criticism a gross simplification.

Her remarks came on the eve of presidential primaries in Indiana ($4.06/gallon premium) and North Carolina ($3.97). Motorists go to the polls today.

“I never said the tax holiday was the only thing I’m going to do,” Clinton told reporters.

“If you media elite types and your egghead economist friends had asked, I would have told you that I plan to bring back a time honored tradition from boomers’ childhoods: S&H green stamps.

A forerunner of the patronage card, green stamps were a fixture at gas stations in the 1950s and 1960s. Customers received the stamps with every fill-up, and could redeem them for catalog merchandise such as stainless steel serrated steak knives.

“I’m trying to help Americans shop and save money on gas, and all I get is this incredible pushback from elites who drive hybrids,” Clinton said.

Democratic frontrunner Barack Obama criticized the new wrinkle to Clinton’s plan, pointing out that more and more corn, a feed grain, is being diverted to ethanol production. “Soon no one will be able to afford to buy meat to cut with the steak knives,” Obama said.

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