AMEX: All Your Text Will Come From Us

Nowadays, the cost of doing business isn’t merely a total that you subtract from your gross income to get your net income. It’s a burden to be shifted onto the backs of your customers. Take American Express, for example. This miserable excuse for a company has decided that you should have to pay for their telephone marketing and service calls, even if those calls are to your cell phone.

Their new card-member agreement reads, in part:

You authorize us to call or send a text message to you at any number you give us or from which you call us, including mobile phones. You authorize us to make such calls using automatic telephone dialing systems for any lawful purpose, including but not limited to: suspected fraud or identity theft; Account transactions or servicing; offers of American Express products and services; and collecting on your Account. You authorize us to place prerecorded calls in connection with the status of your account, or security and identity theft matters. You agree to pay any fees or charges you incur for incoming calls or text messages from us without reimbursement.

No way of opting out of their ‘you pay for our marketing’ scheme—which happens to be illegal, by the way. And no mention of the fact that, if you explicit tell them not to call your mobile number, federal law prohibits them from doing so. The fine for violating that particular statute? $11,000 per instance.

Maybe if American Express has to pay $11,000 for each and every customer they piss off, they’ll stop this sort of bullsh*t. On second thought…probably not.

9 thoughts on “AMEX: All Your Text Will Come From Us”

  1. Hey, who’s taking on all the risk here, and therefore deserves to be cut a little slack? American Express, that’s who, because you unionized commies never pay on time, screw everything up, then whine to the feds for billions and billions.

  2. Randal… What ‘on time’ with AmEx? Aren’t they the company that touts the idea that you are responsible enough to pay whenever the bill shows up? No finance charges…unless, of course, you get really, really, really late! :-) I think us commies are too irresponsible for AmEx.

    Frogette… No, I think they want you to stuff em! It’s the whole idea.

    Tom… But even if you don’t give them the number, unless you use blocking, they’ll scrape your number and use it for marketing. So, I suppose your only defense then is…pay phones?

  3. And how will you pay for that fee? Put it on your American Express card, off course! These crafty bastards want to squeeze you for every dime and they know you still have one or two still rattling around in your pocket.

  4. Look, there’s a simple solution to all this. Just send all your income (if you still have a job) to the Government. It can divide up your money, most for it and the rest to go to all the Corporations, Banks and Finance Companies, etc.

    Then, each month, the Government sends you a food parcel (not a lavish one, but enough to get by) and a clothing parcel which is made up by a welfare organization.

    There, your worries are over! No more charges, tax refunds, bills.

  5. Lew… :-) In fact, I can just hear American Express customer service doing something like, “Please charge another $.25 for one additional minute with our representative.”

    DavidG… Actually I already did that, but the government said it wasn’t enough.

  6. So far I haven’t gotten anything on my phone from AmEx. They may have their faults but in general I like them better than the other credit card companies. Any time something gets on our bill that doesn’t belong there or we are disputing, all we have to do is call them and it comes right off. Other companies make you write a letter or some nonsense. And the no interest thing works for me. I paid off one of my other credit cards and they still charged me the interest from the part of the month that had not yet been assessed. Very annoying!

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