Skepticism over US Reactions

“A US official has suggested the American military could drop unauthorised food aid over Burma, as the White House expressed outrage at the junta’s obstruction of international relief efforts in the wake of Cyclone Nargis.” The AUSTRALIAN

While we are all concerned for the people in this tragedy, and the food drop suggestion was quickly shot down by Defence Secretary Gates, there was still a lingering question in this country: why don’t they just send the aid and reconstruction effort to New Orleans and get their own house fixed?

This issue simply highlights the general international skepticism over official US reactions. While other countries are treading warily, trying to find some way of delivering much needed aid, Bush is still firmly planted in combat mode. Dare I say it but; thank you Robert Gates for some sanity.

Sadly any aid that does get through will be too little too late, but that is down to the junta and the people. It is not a pleasant prospect, nor historically isolated. We can only hope that out of the inevitable pain will come a resolution to Burma’s dictatorship.

3 thoughts on “Skepticism over US Reactions”

  1. I agree we should get our own house in order first. The media is reporting on how the U.S. is “uniquely equipped to respond to these kinds of disasters” citing our work for tsunami relief. Tell that to the people still living in trailers.

  2. BB, yes, sadly.

    Frogette the other sadly is the non-US reaction to any US proposed intervention now. There is a feeling abroad that things are sooner fixed if the US stays home.

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