Sen. Vitter named First Dog – Trainable and doesn’t shed

The dog that President and Mrs. Obama promised to daughters Malia and Sasha during last year’s election campaign has been chosen. White House sources say the First Family has nominated Senator David Vitter.

Vitter, a Louisiana Republican, will move into the White Dog House in April, according to the office of First Lady Michele Obama.

The Obamas were reportedly impressed at the way Vitter was trained by Senate GOP leaders in 2007, after he crapped all over the party’s image after his patronage of a high-priced escort service was revealed.

Vitters have many enthusiasts. Brandy Cherie Frandlaise, an independent hospitality contractor from New Orleans, is a big fan of the breed. She says the Obamas will be getting great family pet. “Vitters are smart and discreet. They’re fiscally conservative, but still know how to show a lady a good time,” said Frandlaise.

“Plus, Vitters really love being on the leash, and are obedient to their mistresses,” Frandlaise said.

White House spokesperson Harriet Spaniel said trainability was an important consideration in the selection. “The last thing we need is a dog who’s going to hump the legs of visiting heads of state, for instance. Hopefully Vitter has been cured of that.”

Also important was Vitter’s full head of hair. “Clearly he doesn’t shed,” Spaniel said.

The Obamas had also considered adopting former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer. But Vitter was picked in a nod to bipartisanship, as well as Sasha and Malia’s lack of interest in hairless dogs.

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