Limbaugh gets another apology – Bachmann sorry she called Steele “da man”

Broadcaster and de facto Republican Party leader Rush Limbaugh has netted another apology to add to his growing collection of mea culpas from important people who have slighted him in the media.

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) went before reporters today in Washington, DC, and officially withdrew GOP Chairman Michael Steele’s title of “da man,” which she bestowed on him just last week at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Bachmann called unforgivable recent public statements by Steele, in which he called Limbaugh an entertainer, and his show as ugly.

“I am so very, abjectly sorry I told Steele that he be da man instead of Rush, if anyone is da man it’s our leader Rush Limbaugh,” said Bachmann.

“You, you be da man, Rush!” she said, visibly emotional.

“In fact, it is my distinct, deep, pleasure to apologize to Rush. And I do mean pleasure,” said Bachmann, winking.

“I could lie back in his da manly arms and apologize to his bloodshot-red, white and blue eyes all day,” she said.

It was a big day for Limbaugh, apologies-wise. Actor Mary Lynn Rajskub, who plays ‘Chloe’ on the Fox series “24,” apologized for not going past first base with the conservative talker. The two were romatically linked in 2006.

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